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Our History

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Fred Johansen and Harold Anderson teamed up to sell and service heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems back in 1946. This was about a decade after the first forced-air furnace relegated the cast iron radiator to the dust bin, relieving homeowners from the chore of stoking the coal fire. Back then, most Americans went to the movies on sticky August days just to relish the luxury of air conditioning.

As word spread about their first-rate equipment and service, Johansen & Anderson Inc’s list of satisfied customers swelled. The people who worked there owned their own company until 2007. Then Rick Cronholm, one of the crew who had learned the tools of his trade at Johansen & Anderson Inc over two decades, purchased the company that had brought him up.

Our technicians today are background checked and undergo stringent drug and alcohol testing programs so that our customers can trust the people working on those appliances that are so key to comfort in their homes and offices. A service man is on call 24/7 so folks can call Johansen & Anderson Inc today and sleep tight tonight. Johansen & Anderson Inc remains doggedly determined to stay at the head of the pack. Reaching out to residential, commercial, and industrial customers, we keep on the cutting edge of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration technology, and we go all-out to get the biggest energy bang for each buck.

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