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Pool Heaters & Service in Joliet, IL

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One of the finest luxuries a home can enjoy is a swimming pool. Even a small one offers a great way to relax and get the most out of your time away from the worries of the day. If you truly want to enjoy your pool for as long as possible, you’ll want a trusted team for your pool heater installation and services.

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You can arrange for a pool heater installation during your pool’s construction, or you can have our installers retrofit a heater to an already finished pool.

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Benefits of Installing a Pool Heater

If you have an outdoor pool in Illinois, you can’t expect to use it every month of the year. The cold and snow of winter make that impossible. With that section of the year already blotted out for pool use, you want to make sure you can get the most poolside time during the rest of the year.

A pool heater gives you more opportunities to enjoy your pool during the spring and fall, as well as on the cooler and overcast days of the summer—and the summer nights as well. You can’t depend on the sun to maintain a comfortable pool temperature all the time, so have a great pool heating system installed.

Why Professional Pool Heating Installation Is Crucial

If you’re thinking that you can call on amateurs to install a pool heater, or you might be able to shoulder the task as a DIY project, it’s time to rethink! Most pool heating systems run on natural gas, and no one except a licensed professional is allowed to work on any appliance connected to a gas main. But even other types of pool heaters are too large and complicated for non–professional work.

For example, one of the most important steps for installing a pool heater is sizing it so it can manage the volume of water in the pool. This requires some complex calculations to determine how fast the pool loses heat so the right size of pool heater can be installed to replace the heat loss. You don’t want to make any errors that will lead to an undersized pool heater, or an oversized one that wastes energy, so please contact our heating experts to arrange for an installation or replacement.

Pool Heater Repair and Maintenance in Joliet, IL

If your pool heater sees a lot of use because you and your family are thoroughly enjoying the pool most of the year, the heater runs the risk of malfunctions. Should your pool turn cold when it’s supposed to be warm and relaxing, call our heating experts at Johansen & Anderson Inc, and they’ll be out to your property to get everything working once more.

We also recommend that you schedule an annual maintenance visit to inspect and tune-up the pool heater. The best time to arrange for this service is in early spring, right before you start using the pool again. You can depend on our trained team of pool heating professional for any service you may need in Joliet, IL or the surrounding areas. "Contact J&A Today, Swim Warm Tonight!"

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