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Heat Pumps & Service in Joliet, IL

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Heat pump systems are a great choice for residential home comfort throughout Joliet and the rest of Illinois. These systems operate in similar fashion to central air conditioners, with one important difference—their refrigerant can switch directions to provide heat in addition to cooling.

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Johansen & Anderson Inc offers comprehensive service for heat pumps in Joliet and beyond, including repairs and diligent maintenance.

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How a Heat Pump Differs From an Air Conditioner

We mentioned above that a heat pump works similarly to an air conditioner. It circulates refrigerant between two sets of coils, where the refrigerant evaporates and condenses. This allows the heat pump to absorb thermal energy from inside a house and release it to the outside.

Where a heat pump is different is that it contains components, such as a reversing valve, that alter the direction that the refrigerant circulates. If the reversing valve switches the direction of the refrigerant, then the heat pump absorbs heat from outside and brings it inside. It quickly changes the system from a heater to an air conditioner.

Reasons to Consider Heat Pump Installation in Your Home

You probably already understand one of the big advantages of installing a heat pump, which is that it offers both air conditioning and heating in a single package, with only a change of the thermostat to turn from one to the other. This alone is enough reason to think about having a heat pump installed.

But there are some other benefits to consider. For example, in heating mode, a heat pump works at higher energy efficiency than furnace systems—particularly electric furnaces. If you’re concerned with dangers from carbon monoxide in your home, a heat pump is also a more reassuring choice to replace a natural gas heating system, since it runs on electricity and won’t create toxic exhaust.

How Often Will a Heat Pump Need Repairs?

Here’s something important to know about heat pumps: they perform twice as much work as air conditioners or furnaces. This is because heat pumps work around the year, either in heating or cooling mode. Due to this workload, you might expect that a heat pump will require double the amount of repairs to over its lifetime.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. Our technicians will of course be there for you whenever your heat pump breaks down and needs professional repair work. But we also want to help you avoid these problems in the first place. Sign up for our Comfort Club program, and your heat pump will receive two annual maintenance inspection and tune-up visits.

Make Us Your First Choice for Heat Pump Services in Joliet, IL

Johansen & Anderson Inc is a company you can trust for your family’s comfort in the Joliet area. We have a long history that stretches back to 1946 and the beginning of the modern era of residential heating and cooling.

Our technicians put a large amount experience behind every job they perform, and that means you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive the quality work necessary to keep your family comfortable 365 days of the year. Contact us today to schedule service in Joliet, IL and the surrounding area. Contact J&A Today, Sleep Tight Tonight!

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