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Commercial Coolers in Joliet, IL

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The refrigeration needs of a commercial facility are much greater than that of a residence, and for this reason you need qualified professionals to serve your commercial cooler needs. Whether you have chilled food and beverages, or some other product that requires refrigeration, your commercial cooler or walk-in cooler needs to be reliable. This is why you should contact Johansen & Anderson Inc.

  • We’ve Been Helping Keep Joliet Businesses Running Since 1946
  • We Are Dedicated to the Integrity and Skill of Our Original Owners
  • We’re Available to Work on Any Brand, Any Hour, Any Day!

For commercial cooler installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance, your number one option is to call our team. We have trained technicians who can take care of all walk-in and reach-in coolers for your businesses.

Reach out to the team that does each job on-time and right for your commercial cooler services! Call J&A today, sleep tight tonight!


We Install Walk-In and Reach-In Coolers

Trying to decide how large a walk-in cooler is necessary for your business, or the ideal type of reach-in cooler to have installed, can be difficult—especially if this is the very first installation for a new business rather than a replacement. This is where our refrigeration specialists can be extremely helpful.

Not only will they make certain that the actual installation goes flawlessly, but they’ll provide the assistance you need to make the best possible choice. You should seek out their advice for replacements as well, since they can help you get a unit that works better than your older one did even when it was new.

Do You Need Repairs for Your Reach-In or Walk-In Cooler?

There are some signs to watch for that will indicate your reach-in or walk-in cooler needs to have repairs done. Moisture forming on the door (a "sweating" fridge), a compressor that cycles on and off rapidly, and food items and beverages that no longer feel as cold as they should indicate that it’s time to contact our repair experts. You don’t want to put your business in jeopardy because of a broken cooler!

The best way to protect your establishment from problems with a malfunctioning cooler is to plan ahead with routine maintenance. Our professionals can pay your business regular visits to check the compressor and other parts of the cooler to make sure it’s not in immediate danger of a breakdown, and to provide any tune–ups that will help it run better.

We Are Your Commercial Refrigeration Professionals in Joliet, IL

If you’re looking for a commercial refrigeration contractor who can meet all your company’s needs, from coolers to freezers and everything in between, then Johansen & Anderson Inc is the place to call. We offer the highest quality service for commercial coolers, of all sizes, in Joliet, IL and the surrounding areas.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for trust and skill that we’ve built up since we first started out in 1946. No matter the commercial cooler service that you need done—a new unit, fast repairs, regular maintenance, or a complete replacement—you can put your confidence in us. Contact us today to request an estimate or schedule a service in your area.

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