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Joliet, IL Industrial HVAC Services

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Many commercial HVAC contractors provide services for basic commercial spaces like office buildings and retail stores. Not many commercial contractors, however, work with the needs of industrial buildings such as manufacturing or chemical plants, refineries, warehouses, etc. This is our specialty here at Johansen & Anderson Inc!

  • Serving Joliet and Beyond for 75+ Years
  • We Are Dedicated to the Integrity and Skill of Our Original Owners
  • We Stay Up-to-Date on Growing Technology

We understand the special requirements that industrial spaces have when it comes to cooling, heating, and proper ventilation. These requirements simply aren’t something that most commercial HVAC contractors are trained or equipped to manage.

When you want a job done right, you want Johansen & Anderson Inc for your industrial HVAC services. Call J&A today, sleep tight tonight!


Commercial Chillers: Installation, Repairs, and More

Chillers are one of the most important devices that you may find in an industrial setting. Chillers are refrigeration systems designed not to cool down a large space, but to cool down machinery and prevent it from overheating. This makes chillers a vital part of many industrial enterprises.

Chillers either use a vapor compression or absorption cycle to provide cooling. They require careful selection and installation, and in order to perform at peak efficiency they must receive special regular maintenance service. You can depend on our industrial specialists to handle all the services you need for chillers.

Our Other Industrial HVAC Services

It takes an immense amount of power to handle the climate needs for refineries and other manufacturing plants. There are many type of specialized industrial equipment designed to meet the specific needs of a building.

These include wall-mounted industrial grade, severe duty HVAC systems, pressurization systems, and heaters and coolers capable of handling heavy environmental strain such as intense heat, cold, and combustion. Whatever heating, air conditioning, or ventilation needs your industrial business has, you can rely on our experts for quality service.

Why Look to Us for Industrial HVAC Services in Joliet, IL

Johansen & Anderson Inc has labored hard over many decades to build up a reputation as one of the best HVAC companies in the Joliet, IL area. We’re dedicated to all our customers, and for our industrial clients we offer advantages that you won’t find at many other contractors. For example, we provide quick service and stock an enormous number of parts. When one of our competitors needs a part for a repair, the contractor will go and secure the part on their own while charging the hourly rate the entire time. We’ll either have the part with us, or we’ll send a runner to secure the part, leaving the technician behind to continue working on the job.

No matter what job you need us to do for you, count on Johansen & Anderson Inc to handle the work with our customary speed, accuracy, and professionalism. We’ll see that you receive only the finest work possible from our industrial specialists. Contact us today to request an estimate in the Joliet, IL area.

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