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Ice Machines & Service in Joliet, IL

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Thanks to modern refrigeration technology, anyone can have ice on demand in their establishment, courtesy of powerful ice machines that continually freeze new ice cubes. Ice machines are an important part of all types of commercial and industrial spaces, both of which Johansen & Anderson Inc serves.

  • We’ve Been Helping Keep Joliet Businesses Running Since 1946
  • We Are Dedicated to the Integrity and Skill of Our Original Owners
  • We’re Available to Work on Any Brand, Any Hour, Any Day!

Does your business or commercial space rely on an ice machine? You can trust our team to help you out! We provide installation, replacement units, repairs, and maintenance to keep your commercial ice machine in good shape.

For a job done right on your commercial ice machine, we’re the contractor to trust. Call J&A today, sleep tight tonight!


Are You Looking for Ice Machine Installation Services for Your Business?

You probably already know if you require one or more ice machines for your company. But what types of ice machine? How fast do you need it to work, and what capacity of ice should it hold? You may not know the answer to these questions right now, but that’s why you should always contact a commercial refrigeration specialist for installation. Our experts will help you find the ideal type and size of ice machine and then have it in place in no time.

If you already have an ice machine, but it’s old, inefficient, or simply no longer large enough to meet your needs, you only have to contact us to arrange for a speedy replacement. We’ll make sure that the new ice machine we install for you works better than your old one did even when it was new.

We Offer Ice Machine Repair and Regular Maintenance

Almost any type of commercial refrigeration system does a large amount of work on a daily basis, and the ice machine is no exception. Think of it as giant air conditioner with an extremely powerful compressor that operates almost constantly. That adds up to an immense level of mechanical stress, which will eventually lead to breakdowns.

You can help stop these malfunctions with regular maintenance, and our technicians are glad to handle this important service. If the system should break, you can contact us and we’ll have repairs out to you as fast as possible. We understand how vital your refrigeration equipment is for your business’ success!

Turn to Us for Your Ice Machine Needs in Joliet, IL

Johansen & Anderson Inc is proud of the wide range of commercial jobs that we offer to companies in the area. It’s our business to see that you receive the highest quality work on each job, so that you’ll always want to reach out to us in the future. Our services for installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance of commercial ice machines is some of the finest that you’ll find in Joliet and the surrounding areas, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. "Contact J&A Today, Sleep Tight Tonight!"

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