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Joliet, IL Indoor Air Quality Services

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Air pollution is commonly on people’s minds, but did you know that your indoor air quality can actually be worse than the quality of the air outside? At least, this is the case without the right indoor air quality products and services in place. Johansen & Anderson Inc can help!

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Your HVAC air filter isn’t enough to keep your home’s indoor air quality high. Ask us about the numerous systems and services we provide, including air filtration and purification systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and heat and energy recovery ventilators.

Start breathing a little easier with our professional indoor air quality services. Call J&A today, sleep tight tonight!


Some of the Air Quality Products We Install and Service

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all indoor air quality product. You’ll need to trust to our professionals to find the right type of system that will target the pollutants in your air without causing problems for your HVAC system. Below are some of the options:

  • Air filters: Basic filtration in your HVAC system can eliminate the larger air contaminants, such as dust mites, pollen, and dander.
  • Air purifiers: To target smaller pollutants—chemicals, odor molecules, volatile organic compounds, bacteria—electronic air purifiers are a good choice. They use ionization or UV radiation to eliminate minute contaminants.
  • Energy and Heat Recovery ventilators: These devices allow you to bring fresh air into your home and expel stale air without placing extra stress on the AC or heater.
  • Humidifiers/Dehumidifiers: High humidity can make a hot day feel miserable, and it can create water damage as well as mold and mildew growth. Low humidity can mean illness and a harsh edge to cold days. Solve either problem with a whole–house humidifier or dehumidifier.

We Have Your Indoor Air Quality Systems and Services in Joliet, IL

You may already have a suspicion that the air in your house is stale and not as healthy as you think it should be. Contact our team, and they’ll find out just what is causing the downturn in your indoor air quality—and then follow it up with the installation of the ideal system or systems. (For example, air filters usually pair with an air purifier for the most powerful cleaning effect.) Our IAQ experts will also assist you when it’s time to replace filters, purifiers, energy recovery ventilators, etc., or whenever you need basic repairs.

Johansen & Anderson Inc has served Joliet, IL and the surrounding towns with HVAC services since 1946. We are proud of our long history and the NATE-certified technicians who make up our team. We’re the company that you can trust for your indoor air quality or any other comfort services your home requires. "Contact J&A Today, Sleep Tight Tonight!"

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