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Boiler Services in Joliet, IL

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Boilers are highly efficient and effective heating systems for households in Joliet, IL, and beyond. These hydronic heaters have been around for decades, and have kept up with technological advances so they remain a competitive choice for winter warmth.

  • We Stay on the Cusp of the Latest HVAC Technology
  • Helping Families Stay Comfortable Since 1946
  • Our NATE-Certified Technicians Handle Any Job, Big or Small

We are the trusted choice for boiler services in Joliet, IL, and the surrounding area. We install and service both hot water boilers and steam boilers for your comfort and convenience.

Call J&A today, sleep tight tonight! We’re ready to schedule your professional boiler services.


Professional Boiler Installation in Joliet, IL

Why choose a boiler over a furnace or other forced-air system that blows heated air through vents? There are a number of benefits that may convince you:

  • Great energy efficiency: Water is a better medium for thermal transfer, and that makes a boiler more efficient at using its energy supply than furnaces—especially electric furnaces. You will probably save money over the lifetime of the system.
  • Longevity: Speaking of lifetime, a boiler can outlast most other heating systems. This is due to the small number of mechanical moving parts that will wear down.
  • Few repairs: The small number of mechanical parts also means that a boiler—provided it’s professionally maintained—will require fewer repair jobs over its lifespan.
  • Even heat distribution: The warmth that radiates into a room from a baseboard heater or radiator travels more evenly through a space than having hot air blown out through vents.

If you’ve decided to install a boiler in your Joliet home, don’t hesitate to contact our heating technicians. Among years of experience, our heating technicians are NATE-certified and have experience working with a number of different boiler brands and models. When you call Johansen & Anderson Inc for boiler installation services, you will receive top-of-the-line service. We will properly size and install your boiler system to meet the needs of your Joliet–area home, and will provide lifelong service on boiler maintenance and repairs when you sign up for our Comfort Club program. 

Call Us for Joliet Boiler Repairs and Maintenance Services

As we mentioned above, boilers have fewer repair issues compared to furnaces and other heaters. But fewer doesn’t mean none. At some point in your boiler’s service life, you may notice it losing its heating ability, develop a leak, or start making odd rumbling noises. This is especially prevalent in Joliet, IL where many of the older homes have older boiler models. When any of that happens, it’s time to call on our heating experts for boiler repair services in Joliet, IL and the surrounding area. Don’t delay—the problem with your boiler will simply worsen the longer you wait to have something done about it.

To make certain your boiler encounters the fewest performance issues possible, enroll in our Comfort Club. This annual maintenance program will keep your boiler in top shape and give you few reasons to worry that you might get trapped on a freezing night with a failed boiler.

Schedule Boiler Services in Joliet, IL and the Surrounding Area

Not all HVAC companies in the Joliet, IL area work with boilers, but we do! It’s part of our dedication to offering the widest and most comprehensive comfort services possible. We also install and work with steam boilers, which are sometimes the better option for homes that require a greater amount of heating power than the standard hot water boilers can. (Despite the name, most modern boilers don’t actually boil the water in them.)

With our many years of history helping people and businesses stay cozy through the sometimes tough winters, we’re the company to trust for all your boiler services. Contact Johansen & Anderson Inc and leave your comfort to us!

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