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Joliet, IL Commercial Air Conditioning Services

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You can’t expect to operate a successful business or commercial space during the summer if the building’s occupants are suffering from the heat. This could mean unproductive staff and unhappy customers, who will want to go elsewhere. So, you need a reliable commercial air conditioning contractor on your side.

  • We Offer Comprehensive Commercial Maintenance Plan Options!
  • Our HVAC Techs Are in the Top 5% of NATE-Certified Professionals in the State
  • Serving Joliet and Beyond for 75+ Years

Since 1946, the Johansen & Anderson Inc technicians have been serving commercial spaces throughout Joliet and beyond with the finest in commercial air conditioning services.

Set your commercial space up for success with our professional commercial air conditioning services. Call J&A today, sleep tight tonight!


Excellent Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Service

Picking a commercial air conditioner is a tricky job. You have to understand how much cooling load the unit needs to output in order to supply comfort to all the people in the building and take into account heat gain. It is difficult enough finding the right AC for a home; with a commercial building, you’ll appreciate the skill of experienced professionals when it comes to locating the ideal commercial air conditioners.

Once your commercial HVAC technicians have found the commercial AC that can shoulder the building’s comfort burden, they will see that it’s installed quickly and without hitches. This is an especially important job if they’re replacing an older system, since a large part of the work involves removing the original AC and getting the new one in place and working as soon as possible.

We Offer Commercial Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Services in Joliet, IL

Always be mindful of signs that the commercial air conditioning for your building is developing malfunctions. These signs include hot spots in different areas, grinding noises coming from the vents, and an unexplained spike in energy costs during the summer. You can reach our commercial repair professionals any time of the day or night for a quick response to repair issues.

We strongly advise that you arrange for regular maintenance for your air conditioning system to help stop malfunctions before they start. Routine inspections and tune-ups for your commercial AC from our experts will also see that your system operates at peak energy efficiency and last as long as possible.

We Also Offer Commercial Chiller Services

Chillers are cooling installations that use water to lower the temperature of equipment and prevent overheating. Not all commercial buildings require chillers, but if yours does, you’ll be glad to have the assistance of our team. Many commercial HVAC contractors in the area don’t offer service for chillers, but we’re glad to be one of the exceptions. Contact us today to schedule service in the Joliet, IL area.

We are business owners ourselves, so we understand how important the successful operation of your company is to you. We’ll treat your business with the respect it deserves and provide the high quality service on every HVAC job that you expect. In Joliet, IL, "Contact J&A Today, Sleep Tight Tonight!"

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