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Radiant Heating Systems & Service in Joliet, IL

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Throughout Joliet and the rest of the country, the most common type of home heater is the forced-air furnace or heat pump system. These units work by warming up the air and using fans to distribute it throughout the home. This isn’t your only heating option, though. Ask Johansen & Anderson Inc about our radiant heating offerings!

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Intrigued by the idea of installing a radiant heating system as a change from the standard forced-air furnace or heat pump? These units can be installed during new home construction, or we can retrofit your already existing home with radiators.

Our technicians are ready to help with exceptional radiant heating services! Call J&A today, sleep tight tonight!


How Does a Radiant Heater Work?

Forced–air heaters move heat through rooms via convection, which is the transfer of heat through air. Radiant heating is a different kind of heat transfer: the heat travels from a heated object as waves that heat up other objects they touch. This is the warmth that you feel from sunbaked asphalt, or coming off the surface of a black car on sunny day.

The typical radiant heating system found in a house consists of a boiler that sends hot water to terminal points in the house, heating them up and then sending the heat into the rooms. One popular type of radiant heating system is in-floor heating. Hot water travels through pipes set into a subfloor of the rooms, and the heat radiates straight from the floor itself.

The Benefits of Installing In-Floor Heating

Although in-floor heating requires extensive installation, most of the homeowners who have it simply love it. Here are some of advantages of this type of heater:

  • Energy savings: The installation of in-floor heating costs more than other types of heaters, but they will help pay off their cost through their energy-efficient performance.
  • Even heating distribution: All forced-air systems suffer from the uneven distribution of heat through rooms; the air gathers at the ceiling first before it spreads to the rest of the space. Radiant heat, especially coming from right beneath your feet, spreads evenly and quickly.
  • Great comfort: This is a less tangible benefit, but radiant heating simply feels better, like a warm summer day coming into your home in the middle of winter. And there’s nothing that beats toasty warm feet on a cold winter morning!

Complete Radiant Heating Services in Joliet, IL

No matter if you want a basic boiler system that uses baseboard heaters or you want to have a full in-floor heating system installed for a new home in Joliet, you can trust the job to Johansen & Anderson Inc. We’ve completed many radiant heating installs in our years in the business, and our goal is always to see that our customers are happy with the work we do.

Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle any necessary repair services, and our regular maintenance plan will see that you rarely have cause to call for repairs! "Contact J&A Today, Sleep Tight Tonight!"

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