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Joliet, IL Duct Repair & Replacement Services

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The ductwork in your Joliet area home is a critical part of your HVAC system. Many people take for granted that the ductwork runs out of sight, snaking through your walls and ceilings. Unfortunately, damaged or badly-designed ductwork can hide this way. Fortunately, our team can help!

  • We Provide Duct Testing, Sealing, Repair, and Even Full Duct Replacement
  • We’re Available to Work on Any Brand, Any Hour, Any Day!
  • We Stay On the Cusp of the Latest HVAC Technology

We are a full-service HVAC company, and our technicians are highly skilled in all duct services. If you think your home has inferior ductwork, get in touch with us. We’re here to help.

For excellent duct repair and replacement service, look no further than our team. Call J&A today, sleep tight tonight!


Do You Need Duct Repair or Replacement Services?

Modern duct designs are too often second-rate, with the ductwork passing through areas of the house that have poor insulation, or air ducts with too many bends that place strain against airflow. It doesn’t take much for a set of ducts to create undue stress on the distribution of air around a house, and this not only means less comfort from the heating and air conditioning system, but also higher energy bills.

When ducts start to deteriorate or develop leaks, these problems will become even worse. The US Department of Energy has determined that up to 30% of the air inside a ventilation system can escape through air leaks. That adds up to a large loss of heated and cooled air and a huge spike in utility bills. Whether you have broken ducts or badly designed ones, you’ll need to have them fixed.

Signs That You Need Duct Repairs or Replacement

A home that feels stuffy no matter how often you run the AC often indicates that air isn’t being properly distributed around the rooms. This can point to a bad duct system or leaks. Unexplained increases in your heating and cooling bills are often warnings that there are leaks or ducts that have come loose.

If the ducts are actually starting to fall apart, you’ll begin to hear rattling and rumbling sounds from the vents whenever the HVAC system comes on. When the ductwork has reached that level of damage, it’s probably best to have the ducts replaced rather than repaired.

We’re Your Contractor for Ventilation Services in Joliet, IL

We’ve worked for many decades with residential ventilation systems. Seven decades, to be precise. We started back in 1946, just as the forced-air furnace was becoming the new standard for home heating and ductwork an essential component of indoor comfort.

You can trust to the experience of our highly-trained team of HVAC professional when it comes to taking care of your home’s ducts. Whether your ventilation system only needs a few repairs, or you have bad ducts in need of a replacement, Johansen & Anderson Inc is the company to call. Contact J&A Today, Sleep Tight Tonight!

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