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Wine Refrigerators & Service in Joliet, IL

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At Johansen & Anderson Inc, we understand everything about cooling and refrigeration for commercial and industrial spaces. This includes knowing that wine can’t be handled like most other beverages; it requires special care to ensure the wine is kept at the ideal temperature. We know this, which is why we provide excellent wine refrigeration services.

  • Serving Joliet and Beyond for 75+ Years
  • We Are Dedicated to the Integrity and Skill of Our Original Owners
  • We Stay Up-to-Date on Growing Technology

When you’re looking to have a new wine refrigerator installed for your establishment, or need a wine refrigerator replacement, call on our team! We’ve been around for over seven decades, and our attention to detail and integrity has made us a success with business owners and commercial property managers.

Ask us for a free estimate on new equipment sales for your wine refrigeration needs and more. Call J&A today, sleep tight tonight!


Why Wine Temperature Is So Important

Unlike other beverages, which can be "cold," "hot," or "room temperature"—nothing that complicated—wine requires a very specific temperature range for it to be able to release its flavor properly. A superb wine will not live up to its potential if it is too warm or too cold. A professionally installed wine refrigerator is one of the best ways to see that the wine you offer at your establishment is kept at the ideal temperature.

Many wine refrigerators use dual temperature zone for white wines and red wines. White wines are best around 45°F, while the majority of red wines should have warmer storage, around 50°F. Speak to one of our installers regarding the different choices of wine refrigerators to find the one that best meets your wine storage needs.

Wine Refrigerator Repairs and Maintenance

Maintenance for wine refrigerators should be part of your standard refrigeration equipment check-up during the year. You can rely on our commercial refrigeration experts to handle this service and see that the unit is keeping the correct temperature and is exhausting safely to see that your business remains up to code. Should the maintenance inspection find repair issues, our technicians can handle the work.

You can also call us any time that you suspect your wine refrigerator isn’t operating as well as it should—or it stops working entirely. Wine that’s turned too cold or too warm means you have a problem with the refrigerator, and you can trust us to put things right. If the refrigerator is broken beyond help, we’ll take care of putting in a replacement unit.

Contact Us for Wine Refrigerator Services in Joliet, IL

Making your business a success means always reaching for the best. And when you want the best for the wine your establishment stores and sells, you want to reach for Johansen & Anderson Inc and our wine refrigerator services. Our staff of experts will help you with installation, replacement, repairs, and regular maintenance for wine refrigerators that will keep your customers happy. We specialize in quick, quality service, and our commercial refrigeration specialists are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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