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Dual Fuel Systems & Service in Joliet, IL

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When it comes to residential cooling systems, heat pumps have become more and more popular. This is because they’re highly efficient, serving as both air conditioners and heaters. Dual fuel systems take this technology a step further, allowing for the most efficient air conditioning and heating no matter what the temperatures are outside.

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Also called the hybrid heat pump, a dual fuel system takes the power of a heat pump and enhances it with a backup furnace for when wintertime temperatures get a little too chilly for the heat pump to work as efficiently as it can.

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Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel Systems: How They Work

The standard heat pump operates the same way as an air conditioner—refrigerant absorbs heat from inside a home and then releases to the outside—but can reverse the direction so the system brings in heat from outside. However, this poses a dilemma: how can the heat pump draw enough heat from the outdoors to warm up a home in winter when the outdoor temperature is extremely cold?

Although there’s always some ambient heat available, a conventional heat pump can struggle when the temperature drops past what’s known as the economic balance point, usually below freezing. What a hybrid heat pump does is provide the heat pump with a back-up system that runs on a separate fuel source. The common back-up heater is a natural gas furnace. This system turns on to help the heat pump handle the cold, and it will only run as long as it’s necessary.

Should You Install a Hybrid Heat Pump in Joliet, IL?

This is the big questions for homeowners: is a regular heat pump sufficient for comfort, or will a dual fuel system be necessary? For homes with strong levels of insulation in regions that don’t suffer from intense winter cold, often a standalone heat pump will do the necessary job. But in other cases, it’s a wise idea to install a hybrid.

The best way to find out is to have professional installers perform a heat load calculation for your house and take environmental factors into consideration. That way they can make certain they install the type of comfort system that will keep you warm in winter without energy waste.

We Offer Dual Fuel System Repair & Maintenance Services

You should never attempt to repair a regular heat pump yourself, so of course you shouldn’t tamper with a hybrid heat pump either when there’s a malfunction. (Natural gas systems can turn dangerous because of non-professional fiddling!) Our skilled technicians at Johansen & Anderson Inc are glad to help repair your hybrid heat pump 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You can also sign up for our Comfort Club to receive regular maintenance that will help your heat pump work with as few interruptions as possible. Your comfort in Joliet, IL is our #1 priority: Contact J&A Today, Sleep Tight Tonight!

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