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Coronavirus Update

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Our Commitment To Customers During COVID-19

For over 70 years, Johansen & Anderson has endured by standing by our work. As the effects of COVID- 19 spread locally and globally, we turn to our stellar reputation to guide us.

In this climate, we know having a technician in your home may be a concern, but we want you to know that the health and safety of our customers and team members is our highest priority. We want to thank you for trusting Johansen & Anderson with your HVAC systems and indoor air quality. Below is an update on what we are doing during this crisis.

Before We Arrive
We are monitoring all team members for Flu like symptoms and are taking action accordingly, we will not knowingly send a technician who is ill into your home.

When We Arrive
Our technicians are supplied with disinfectant wipes, gloves, masks, and shoe covers. These items are in high demand right now and can be difficult to source in bulk. We are doing everything in our power to ensure we are stocked on all these items to reduce the spread of infection.

While In Your Home
I have asked our technicians to keep a safe distance from our customers. This is not us being unfriendly (yes, we do like you) but we feel it is in everyone’s best interest to take reasonable precautions during this health emergency.

Indoor Air Quality Basics
COVID-19 is spread through airborne particles. As experts in indoor air quality, we recommend a few things:

  • Change your air filter regularly (call if you are unsure how often).
  • Investing in a Whole-House Ultra Violet light to kill viruses and bacteria in your home.
  • Make sure the humidity in your home is between 35%-50%.
  • Change your UV bulb if it is over 3 years old.
  • Invest in a high efficiency filter or electronic air filter (for HEPA like results).

I know having a technician in your home during this trying time can be a concern. But please rest easy knowing we are taking every possible step to keep you and our team safe. I want to personally thank you for your business and continued loyalty during this time. The situation is continually evolving and we will keep you updated as changes arise.

Rick Cronholm
President Johansen & Anderson, Inc.
(815) 723-9383

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