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How to Prevent Heating Repair

old-furnace-openAlthough we love being heating technicians and installers, we understand that most people don’t really want to run into a situation where they have to call us. Your heating system won’t last forever, though, and you’ll have to call in technicians eventually. But we’re here to help see that an emergency heating repair or replacement call happens later, not sooner.

Heating repair prevention is a little bit of work, but it’s worth it when you know you are more likely to get through the fall and winter without having to call us in. (We understand.)

#1: Schedule Your Regular Maintenance Appointments

We’ll start with something you may not want to hear. The best way to ward off heating repair is to call in heating repair technicians. But this is painless when you call a quality team that treats you like family, like ours!

A routine heating maintenance appointment is a standard tune-up and inspection, like what you (hopefully) get for your car every few months. We recommend heating maintenance in the fall, before you’re using your heating system full time.

You schedule the appointment on your own time, and the technician performs a complete inspection. You’ll find out if anything needs repair now (so you can avoid an emergency). And the tune-up includes steps such as cleaning the burners, tightening electrical connections, and many things that will help the unit run smoothly and prevent breakdowns.

#2: Turning Down the Thermostat

Now for an easy step. When is the last time you really assessed the temperature you set on your thermostat in the fall and winter. Does it really have to be that high? You should find an efficient temperature that works for the entire family and keep it there, unless you are not home—in which case, you can turn it down by 5-10 degrees.

The less you use your heating system, the less likely it is to fail when you really need it! We don’t think you should stop using it entirely, but you may need to consider that 75°F is quite high, and you can likely get by on 68°-70°F temperatures instead.

#3: Changing the Filter

All it takes is a trip to the local hardware store to get rid of the dirt and buildup that may be blocking your heating system from running smoothly. A dirty air filter affects how well your heater works, not just your air quality. When air cannot get into the system with ease, it can malfunction, so be sure to replace your filter every 1-3 months.

#4: Avoiding Overworking the System

Frequent temperature changes can take their toll on the components of your furnace, which is designed to run in steady cycles. Avoid changing the temperature on the thermostat too often. A smart Wi-Fi thermostat may be the easiest way to find a comfortable temperature and stick with it for most of the day. In addition, it’s important not to turn the temperature up all the way on the thermostat when it’s cold. This won’t heat the home any faster, and can only potentially overwork the furnace.

If you cannot prevent it, get your next heating repair in Mokena IL from the people at Johansen & Anderson Inc. We’re happy to help!

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