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Are You Paying Too Much for Your Heater?

You’ve probably been preoccupied with many other things this winter in Bolingbrook. We just got past the holiday season and you’re likely ducking and dodging the colds going around. But take a moment to think about the integrity of your home.

Do your heating bills seem a little high this winter? This happens to a lot of homeowners once we get to this time of year. You’re running your heater more than ever in the midst of these cold temperatures, so your bills are bound to be a little higher. But if they seem sky high, then it’s time to contact a professional. Paying too much for the heating in your home isn’t something that happens overnight. Your bill rises slowly over time. But luckily we’re here to help you lower it. When you need Bolingbrook HVAC services then make sure that you contact our team. We have the best technicians in Will County.

How to Determine If You’re Paying Too Much

Here’s a couple signs that you’re paying far too much for the heating in your home.

You Haven’t Had Recent Maintenance

Did you have heating maintenance this year? If you haven’t, then you’re probably running an inefficient heating system that’s costing you too much money. Heating maintenance in the fall to prepare your system for winter really is necessary. It gives a professional the opportunity to assess your system and fix any small issues before they have the chance to snowball into big, debilitating breakdowns. Make sure you schedule maintenance twice annually.

You’re Experiencing Troubling Signs

Notice any signs of trouble with your heating system? Watch out for things like odd noises, short-cycling, an excess amount of dust, or hot and cold spots. All of these are very common and troubling signs for your system and ignoring them will only give them the opportunity to escalate. Don’t ignore the signs—call a professional when you need service.

How to Lower Your Bill

Here are a few simple tips to help you lower your heating bill:

Lower Your Thermostat: Lower your thermostat a couple of degrees this winter. Just dropping the temperature to a more moderate setting like 68°F will help you save money.

Add Moisture: If you’re worried about staying comfortable with a lower thermostat setting, consider installing a humidifier in your home. Humidity acts as an insulant in your home in cold weather and will help you remain warm even if the temperature is a little lower. Humidifiers also offer the added benefits of easing respiratory problems, promoting hydrated hair, skin, and nails, and helping you avoid colds.

Take Advantage of Natural Light: Anywhere from 10%–25% of your heating loss is because of the windows in your home. Make sure all your windows are tightly sealed in winter so that you’re not losing any energy. Also make sure to open your curtains, blinds, or shades on any south-facing windows in your home so that the sunlight shining in during the day will help heat your home.

If you want to lower your heating bill then make sure to contact our team here at Johansen and Anderson Inc. today.

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