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These Furnace Repairs Shouldn’t Wait


In general, we always advise against postponing heating repairs. If something is going wrong with your furnace, continuing to run it while it struggles can worsen the problem. In addition, a struggling heating system will use more energy in order to keep trying to get the job done. This means postponing repairs will drive your utility bills up.

But it’s just about springtime! Surely if there was any time to put off heating repair, it would be now. You’re almost done running the heat. Can’t your furnace repairs wait until fall? Certain heating problems are bigger concerns than others. Here’s what you should never delay repairing.

Safety Hazards

If the problem with your heating system is going to pose a serious risk to you, your family, or your home, do not put off getting repairs. Here are some signs of a heating problem that poses a safety hazard.

  • Odors: An eggy, sulfurous smell is a sign of a gas leak. Turn off the furnace, leave your home, and call your gas company’s emergency line. A burning smell is a sign of a component overheating. Avoid actual fire by getting prompt repair. And an electrical fire can smell like hot plastic or even like fish.
  • Sounds: While any unusual heating sound is always cause for concern, there’s one in particular that’s more likely to indicate a safety issue: clicking. Sometimes, clicking is caused by an electrical problem, which can be a fire hazard. Sometimes, it’s caused by a cracked heat exchanger. This component keeps the carbon monoxide safely contained, so a crack is a huge concern.
  • Pilot Problems: Your furnace’s flame should never be any color other than blue. Other colors indicate incomplete combustion, a gas line problem, or a cracked heat exchanger. A flickering, dancing flame or a pilot that keeps going out are also reasons to get a repair right away.
  • No Heat: While it may be tempting to say that springtime is close enough to stop worrying about needing to heat your home, that’s simply not a safe choice. Overnight temperatures in the thirties and forties will be continuing for a couple more months, and there’s always the possibility of another severe cold snap. Don’t risk your safety, or risk having frozen pipes. If you have no heat, get your furnace repaired.

Efficiency Concerns

You might not think that having your furnace operate as efficiently as possible is a serious enough concern to make you prioritize getting it repaired right away. But keep in mind: a furnace that is using an excess of energy is wasting your money every minute of the day. 

If your furnace is running for too long or won’t shut off, it’s using unnecessary energy. And if it’s shutting off too soon, only to start up again moments later, that’s called short cycling. Since the startup is the part of the heating cycle that uses the most energy, and short cycling can easily quadruple the number of startups, your utility bills could go through the roof if you don’t get central heating repair in Plainfield, IL.

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