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Watch Out for These Furnace Red Flags

cool-house-hot-houseThe last thing you want to happen during the middle of the heating season is an unexpected heating repair need. Unexpected heating problems are so troubling because they leave you with little time to prepare. If you’re noticing that your furnace isn’t operating properly and you’re wondering if you should call a professional, then you’ve found the right blog. We’re the ones who can help you with your furnace repair in Lockport, IL. Today, we’re going to start with the signs. Here are a few that indicate furnace trouble…

No, This Isn’t Normal for a Furnace

We know that you might not always know what’s considered normal when it comes to your home’s furnace. We want to help you with this. Not everything that you experience from your furnace is something that should be happening. If you notice any of the following, then it means it’s definitely time to get in touch with one of our team members. 

Irregular Cycling

The number one thing that you want to avoid when it comes to your home’s furnace is irregular cycling. Irregular cycling is something that can happen commonly when your home’s furnace efficiency starts to fall to the wayside. 

It’s one of those things that we like to point out because we see many homeowners disregard this issue. It really is something worth noting and it can affect your home’s heating system long-term. 

A Lack of Heat

The last thing you want to notice in your home is a lack of heating. If you’re not as warm as you want to be although you’re setting your thermostat to an appropriate temperature and allowing your system to run, then you might want to invest in furnace care. Your furnace isn’t properly equipped for your space and our professionals can help you figure out why. 

Weird Scents

Have you noticed that the sounds coming from your home when you run your heater? This is a bad sign and it typically means that your heater is struggling to perform. Instead of waiting around for the scents to dissipate after running your heater, we suggest you call a professional when you notice this oddity. This is something you should do if you ever notice a weird HVAC scent, but it’s especially important if you have a furnace. Furnace scents can be harmful to your home. 

High Energy Bills

Have your energy bills spiked out of nowhere? This is one of the biggest signs that your home’s furnace needs extra care. You might have a broken or worn part somewhere that’s decreasing your heater’s overall efficiency. You’re going to notice this in your home’s energy bills. We can help you figure out how to pinpoint the source of trouble and solve the problem. 

Low Output

Does your home take forever to heat up? This is more than likely a byproduct of low heating output. This is something that you want to address with the help of a professional. We can be the ones to iron out your heating issues.

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