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Yes, Your Boiler Needs Annual Maintenance


Boilers are truly fantastic heating systems. They’re great at keeping the temperature in a home very consistent. They use water to heat, so they don’t blow around dry air and dust like a forced-air furnace does. And they’re also less likely to require repairs than a furnace. This is because they have fewer moving parts and are less prone to corrosion.

But you know the one basic truth of the universe: nothing works perfectly forever. If you keep running that boiler, eventually, you’re going to run into a problem that requires repair. But there is something you can do to make it even less likely that your boiler will need repair: annual maintenance. It has other benefits, too!

What Happens During Boiler Maintenance

The two basic categories that the steps of boiler maintenance fall under are cleaning and inspection. The boiler will be turned off, and all components will be given a very thorough cleaning. This will cut down on the friction and wear and tear that occur during operation. It will also allow the technician to see the system clearly, with no dust obscuring anything.

Once all components are clean and clearly visible, the technician will inspect and test all of the critical systems that make it possible for your boiler to keep your home cozy. Tiny problems will be caught before they require serious repairs. Temperature and pressure will be adjusted as necessary. And if mineral accumulation or sediment in your boiler tank is a concern, it will be flushed clean.

Your Safety Matters

A gas boiler is a perfectly safe heating system as long as it is in good condition and working properly. The inspection that occurs during maintenance will ensure your safety. It’s absolutely critical for the gas lines, connections, and combustion system to be checked regularly. With no maintenance, you’re risking gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Electric boilers also have safety risks, especially the risk of electrical fire if there is a problem with the wiring or electrical components. In fact, the second most common cause of house fires is heating, followed by electrical systems. This is an unacceptable risk—and you don’t have to accept it. Just schedule boiler service in Lockport, IL.

Other Benefits

Decreased energy consumption and improved performance also occur when a boiler is maintained regularly. If it’s still under warranty, annual maintenance will help keep it that way, as it is often required by manufacturers’ warranty agreements. And perhaps the greatest benefit is system longevity.

Due to the small number of moving parts and the fact that boilers are less susceptible to rust and corrosion, they can last for 30 years compared to the 15 of a gas furnace or 20 of an electric one. This may well be the best thing about a boiler, and you certainly don’t want to sacrifice that! Lack of maintenance will significantly cut the life expectancy of a boiler, so keep that system running for decades to come by scheduling maintenance now.

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