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Killing Germs with the Power of Light: UV Air Purifiers


Autumn is such a lovely season in Illinois, with perfectly in-between weather and beautiful foliage. But you may have already caught a cold or worse, especially if you have kids in school or daycare. And with more seasonal celebrations and gatherings on the horizon, and more and more time spent indoors as the weather gets colder, you’re even more likely to get sick. Is there anything you can do to reduce your risk?

Yes! UV air purifiers can offer a dramatic increase in your indoor air quality as they decrease the number of contaminants you breathe in. How do they work and what are the benefits? We’re so glad you asked.

What UV Means

UV is short for ultraviolet, which is a wavelength of light that is different from the light that we see. Specifically, the wavelength measures between ten and 400 nanometers, while visible light has wavelengths measuring 400-700 nanometers. Though invisible, it is powerful.

The Power of Light

UV light can damage the DNA of microscopic organisms. This means that it can be used to sanitize surfaces. It is used in many settings to kill germs on high-use surfaces. You can even purchase small UV-sanitizing boxes to put your phone, keys, and other often-handled items in, so they can be free of germs when next you use them.

How UV Air Purifiers Work

As with any air filtration system, air passes through a purifier and leaves particles behind in a filter. The special thing about the UV purification method is that those particles are then sanitized with ultraviolet light. Bacteria, viruses, and molds are susceptible to the destructive capability of the light and are killed. Of course, only the air passing through the purifier is sanitized, so there’s no way to guarantee that all the germs in the house can be eradicated, but it does significantly decrease the number of pathogens and the risk of illness. 

UV Air Purifiers Are Safe

When you hear mention of damage to DNA, you might be concerned about safety. But happily, you are not a single-celled bacterium and are less susceptible. UV light is what can cause suntan and sunburns, so it’s best to avoid concentrated exposure. But the sanitizing light in an air purifier is contained inside, not shining out at you, so it’s perfectly safe. 

Other Benefits

In addition to killing germs, an air purifier captures other particles such as pet dander and pollen, reducing the intensity of allergies. It also captures dust, dirt, hair, and any other specks that may be floating around your home. This is great for your respiratory health, and also eliminates a lot of mess, so your home will be cleaner with less dusting and wiping. Finally, it captures many particles that are responsible for smells around the home, so instead of a mixture of Fido and foot odor, you and your guests will simply smell fresh air.

If you have any questions about air filtration systems in Lockport, IL, our team would love to discuss your needs and talk to you about your options, so you can spend this fall and winter breathing easy.

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