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What’s in Your Air? Allergens & More


Many people suffer with pollen allergies, which tend to be terrible right around now for those who react to tree pollen. But there are many other things that can float around in your air causing allergic reactions and respiratory symptoms as well as other types of illness. What allergens are in your air besides pollen? How can you improve your indoor air quality and breathe easier? We’ve got some info for you.

Common Allergens in Your Air

Tree pollen in the springtime, grass pollen in the summer, and ragweed in the fall are the plants you’re most likely to react to if you have allergies. Pet dander is another thing that causes many people to have sneezing, runny noses, and itchy, watery eyes. Dander is not actually from your pet’s fur, but is in fact found in the proteins of skin cells and saliva. This means even hairless pets can produce it.

Dust allergies are another major respiratory issue. Most dust in your home is actually dead skin cells (it’s not very pleasant, we know) which people are not allergic to. Instead, the reaction is to the dust mites that eat those skin cells and the droppings they leave behind.

Finally, there’s mold. You might think of it as a moss-like growth that can occur if you don’t clean your shower or remove those old leftovers from your refrigerator soon enough. But it’s not a plant at all; it’s a fungus. As such, it reproduces by releasing tiny spores into the air. 

The spores will grow more mold if they land somewhere moist enough. In the meantime, you’re breathing them, and they can be highly toxic. Some people have mold allergies. Others will react to the mycotoxins of certain hazardous molds even if they have no allergies, and serious symptoms can result.

Breathing Cleaner Air

Portable air filters or purifiers are great in small spaces, but they won’t significantly cut down on the amount of allergens in a house. For that, you need a whole house air purifier added to your home’s HVAC system. This will remove allergens and pathogens from all the air that passes through your ductwork. How? Well, there are two different types, which work in different ways.

Electronic air cleaners apply a charge to the molecules that pass through them. Then the molecules pass over a plate with an opposite charge. The molecules cannot help but be drawn to the plate, where they are stuck, unable to float away to cause illness or allergic reactions. They can simply be wiped away, leaving your air fresh and clean.

UV air purifiers use a specific frequency of ultraviolet light inside your ductwork. This literally unravels the proteins that hold tiny organic microbes together. Not only allergens but also bacteria, viruses, and more will be completely neutralized. This system is so safe and works so well that it’s often used in hospitals!

Cleaner air will improve your health and wellbeing. It will reduce time spent ill, headachy, or wiping your nose. People even say they get better sleep and have more energy when they get an air purifier! And since odors are caused by bacteria floating through the air, your home will smell fresher, too.

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