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How Commercial HVAC Maintenance Impacts Your Business


When you have a commercial building full of tenants, employees, or customers, it’s absolutely vital to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to schedule routine maintenance. There are many benefits to having your commercial HVAC system maintained by a team of professional technicians. Let’s go over those benefits now.

Avoid Interruptions of Your Business

There are two ways that having professionals with commercial HVAC experience maintain your system will help you avoid interruptions to the workflow of your business. First, regular maintenance helps decrease the likelihood of big repairs being needed. In fact, it’s estimated that you can avoid 85% of potential repairs just by having preventative maintenance.

Second, when you partner with a team that has training and experience specifically in commercial settings, you can count on your technicians to be aware of the use of your building and take pains to minimize inconvenience to your tenants, employees, or customers. 

Keep the System Running

The worst thing that can happen with a commercial HVAC system is a failure that shuts the system down completely, especially in times of particularly hot or cold weather, both of which are common in Illinois. You can’t leave people in distress and discomfort in your building, which means calling for emergency repairs. Now you and everyone using your building have been badly inconvenienced and you’ll be paying more for repairs because of the urgency. Regular maintenance greatly reduces the risk of system failures and emergency repair needs which will save money in the long run. 

Reduce Operating Costs

When an HVAC system is left unmaintained, it loses about 5% of its efficiency each year. This translates to an increase in the energy used to accomplish the same task, which means an increase in your utility bills. Since heating and cooling costs comprise the majority of energy usage in most buildings, this can be a very big difference. Maintenance will offset this decrease in efficiency and bring your HVAC system back up to an operating efficiency similar to when the system was new.

Have a Consistent Service Partner

When you choose a company that specializes in commercial HVAC in Lockport, IL, you’ll have a partner in the care of your system. This means being able to rely on the same service provider for all your HVAC needs, including installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair.

It also means working with a consistent team of people who are familiar with your building and your HVAC system. This will streamline your service and make it easier for technicians to notice changes and catch problems early. We offer a variety of commercial maintenance plans and can even customize a plan to best suit the needs of your building.

We would love to hear from you so we can discuss your building, your HVAC system, and your concerns. We can help you make a plan for keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently so that everyone who uses your building can enjoy indoor comfort all year long without any worries.

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