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Your Guide to a No-Hassle Commercial Heating Installation

Adding a major installation onto your commercial property can seem like a headache waiting to happen. Will you have to halt business while you wait for the installation? Will the new system work the way you need it to? Will it cost you a ton of money each month? If you’re looking for a no-hassle installation, there are ways to make the process go more smoothly.

Know Your Property

First things first: you should be able to identify what type of heating system you have or need. Does your property use a boiler? Or are there vents throughout that allow you to use a conventional furnace or heat pump?

Of course, you should also have a good sense of your company’s budget. We recommend choosing a high-efficiency system that is “greener” and helps your company to save money over time.

Timing Is Everything

Get your heating installation in as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the busier local technicians will be. You don’t want to wait until a very cold day when you really need your new heater to work before you call local technicians for a new heating system.

Find an Installer You Can Trust

This is perhaps the most important step. Finding a qualified commercial comfort system installer is key to seeing that the process moves along as smoothly as possible. Make sure this company has experience with large commercial properties, rather than just residential installations, and call them to make sure your property is the type they service. The right installer will see that you get properly sized equipment and that everything is running smoothly.

Get on a Maintenance Plan

After the installation, sign up for a maintenance plan with your contractor. Make sure that your heating equipment runs smoothly for years to come, and that you have a company familiar with the heater when you need service.

Johansen & Anderson Inc is your source for commercial heating installation throughout the Lockport, IL area. Contact our friendly team today!

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