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Did You Know: A Ductless System Has AC AND Heating in One

If you don’t have ductwork in areas of your home, your options may seem a little limited when it comes to the type of home heating and AC systems you can have. Portable heaters and AC units don’t really do the trick if you want to stay comfortable for a reasonable price. But renovating all or part of your home to squeeze in some ducts may not seem like a great option either, especially when you think of how much time that will take.

Adding ducts onto a ductless home is not the only way to get forced-air heating and air conditioning. There’s another way: a ductless mini-split system which many people associate with cooling alone. But there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding ductless systems, which we’d like to clear up here.

Ductless Systems Are Not the Same as Window Units

Ductless systems are not like the window units and room coolers you’re used to seeing in many homes in our area. Window units are air conditioners that are inefficient, unreliable, leaky, and rather noisy. A ductless unit is something else entirely.

Instead, you have an outdoor unit, just like you would see in a conventional central air conditioner. But you get an individual blower unit for the various rooms or zones of your house, rather than a central blower. No major renovations are needed; technicians only have to drill a hole in the wall to feed through a refrigerant line.

Ductless Systems Cool and Heat

Here’s some excellent news about ductless systems: they offer both AC and heating. That’s because a ductless system is actually a heat pump. It’s able to move heat out of a home (in cooling mode) and transfer heat indoors in the winter.

Best of all: it heats a home efficiently (and cools it efficiently too). It’s a more efficient process to move heat than to generate it, which means lower bills with this type of system. It’s an investment, certainly, but the long-term savings make up for it.

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