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4 Common Problems with Commercial Freezers


A commercial freezer is a critical component of many businesses. When it doesn’t work the way it should, the business can suffer lost inventory or worse, health and food-safety concerns. But if you don’t have years of experience with commercial freezers, it can be hard to tell what’s a minor issue and what requires prompt repair. Here are four problems that commonly occur with commercial freezers. If you spot any of these, your freezer needs a qualified technician to perform repairs. 

1: Constant Running

Like an air conditioner, your freezer should go through cycles of cooling followed by periods when it is not in operation, waiting for the temperature to rise enough to trigger another cooling cycle. If, instead of having these quiet periods, your freezer is either always running or starting another cooling cycle just moments after the last one ended, it’s time for repairs to your commercial freezer in Joliet, IL. The root of the problem might lie with the thermostat or with a seal or gasket allowing the cooled air to constantly escape.

2: Loud Noise

If that cooling cycle is making more noise than you think it used to make, you definitely shouldn’t let the problem worsen. This is the kind of situation that could end up doing irreparable damage to the freezer. It’s often the fan or fan motor, and you definitely don’t want a broken fan blade crashing into other components or a motor burning out completely. But it’s also possible that the sound is coming from the compressor itself, and if that burns out, you might end up having to replace the whole freezer.

3: Frost Buildup

If the inside of your commercial freezer starts to look like the arctic circle, covered in frosty snow or ice, repairs are definitely in order. There could be something wrong with the defrost timer, which usually ensures that the frost doesn’t have a chance to build up. Or there could be a malfunction of the thermostat.

But the most likely culprit is the door gaskets. If they are damaged or if the hinge is misaligned and causing the gasket not to seal, air will seep in from the outside. You might think the temperature of the air is the problem, but it’s actually the humidity that’s the bigger concern. That humid air condenses in the cold of the freezer, and the moisture builds up as frost. It can cause freezer burn to develop on foods and even damage the compressor.

4: Warm Spots

If some areas of the freezer are staying properly frozen while others are not, you’ll waste a lot of money throwing away inventory that thawed and spoiled, and you could even risk causing food poisoning or falling afoul of the health department. A refrigerant leak is often the reason for this issue to develop. With help from a qualified technician who can patch the leak and refill the refrigerant, your commercial freezer can be back in tip-top shape so none of those serious concerns develop.

If you suspect there are any problems with your commercial freezer, we’re ready to help.

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