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Dual Fuel Systems Help with Comfort and Savings in Cold Climates

If you live in a cold climate, you might struggle to find a happy medium between comfort and efficiency. It may not seem as though the conventional options available to you for a new heating installation are effective enough, so you might find yourself looking at alternative systems that allow you to save energy and fuel while staying as comfortable as possible.

Our recommendation for heating in Lockport, IL is a dual-fuel system. This type of heater combines the energy-efficiency of a heat pump with the power and durability of a gas furnace.

Why Use a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a highly efficient heater—that’s actually also an air conditioner. It works like the standard AC system, using refrigerant to move heat out of the home starting a thermodynamic process that allows a coil to cool down. But a heat pump can also work in reverse, transferring heat into a home as well as out of it.

A heat pump is preferable to other electric heating systems do to the high level of efficiency. Moving heat is a more efficient process than generating heat, so you can expect a much lower energy usage with a heat pump.

Why Use a Gas Furnace?

The problem is that a heat pump drops in efficiency levels when temperatures approach freezing. At this point, it’s helpful to have a backup system to transfer to. And that’s why a dual-fuel system mixes two sources of heating: gas heating and an electric heat pump. A furnace takes over and provides the reliable comfort you need at a better efficiency than a heat pump could provide in those temperatures.

Is a Dual-Fuel System the Best Option for Your Home?

In many cases, it is! Using both a heat pump and a gas furnace helps to extend the lifespan of both systems, as neither one gets overused. That means you won’t have to replace the systems as often, making dual-fuel a cost-effective option in the long term.

Also, as mentioned, dual-fuel systems save a whole lot of energy and fuel. Plus, your heat pump is also efficient in the winter! Consult with a technician to find out more.

Johansen & Anderson Inc offers heating installation in Lockport, IL from friendly, local heating experts.

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