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Call a Commercial Service Specialist to Check on Your Heating

Owning or managing a commercial property takes a lot of work. You may have hired someone to be on-site to maintain little things around the building as they go bad. But unless you call commercial heating specialists to work on your heating equipment this year, you cannot be sure that your property is safe from a potential heating system breakdown or even a safety hazard.

Why We Recommend Heating Service Each Year

Your commercial heating system may appear to be working just fine. You might have only had it installed a couple of years ago. But that doesn’t mean you are safe from a sudden heating breakdown that leaves you scrambling for the phone to call qualified technicians.

Annual heating services are necessary for those who want to take preventative action and keep one of the most important systems on the property running smoothly. When you call technicians for an annual maintenance visit, they’ll complete a checklist of a few general tasks:

  • Inspection and Test of the Entire Heater
  • A Tune-Up of Some Components
  • Cleaning Key Parts

These steps go a long way in ensuring the heater is running smoothly. For example, testing the electrical connections helps prevent sudden electrical failure, and cleaning the blower will allow it to move properly and efficiently. Overall, annual commercial heating maintenance makes an impact.

  • Better Energy Efficiency
  • Better System Performance
  • Advanced Notice of Safety Concerns
  • Prevention of Heating Breakdowns
  • Longer System Lifespan

The most important thing is that you only call commercial heating technicians who really know that they are doing. Commercial heating specialists are trained in larger boilers and packaged units and really know what to look for during a safety and performance inspection. Never trust a handyman or someone who has only worked on some smaller home heating systems to do the work.

For commercial heating maintenance in Plainfield, IL, call the experts at Johansen & Anderson Inc today to schedule your appointment.

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