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4 Facts to Know about Your Boiler

radiator-relaxing-boilerBoilers provide a comforting heat that other heating systems simply cannot match. Heat radiates out into a room, rather than moving through ductwork and vents in a home, as hot water allows for easy, reliable heat transfer.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding boilers and their associated components: underfloor heating systems, radiators, and baseboard heaters. As experienced heating technicians, we hear a lot of misconceptions every day, and we feel it’s our job to clear them up. Read on to learn what we think any boiler owner should know, and call our team for boilers in Lockport, IL.

#1: Most Modern Home Boilers Don’t Use Steam

In other words, they don’t actually “boil” the water at all. They simply heat it up, to a specified temperature, just like a hot water heater. In fact, many water heaters double as boilers (and vice versa).

If your home has an old radiator, though, there’s a chance that it has a steam boiler that does boil water for steam. This is also common on commercial properties. Otherwise, a regular hot water boiler is most likely the type on your property.

#2: Boilers Don’t Waste Water

Many people think that boilers are more wasteful than other heating systems because they use water. However, they use a closed system that recycles heated water over and over again. Boilers don’t waste water or use any more energy than most other heating systems either. In most cases, they are an environmentally responsible choice, particularly if you choose a high-efficiency boiler installation.

#3: New Boilers Are Much More Efficient

Modern-day boilers are far more efficient than older ones. When it comes time for heating replacement, some homeowners start to look into other options. They believe that, since their older boiler was not very reliable and cost a lot to run anyway, they should consider a furnace.

However, if you already have the setup for a natural gas boiler, replacing it with a high-efficiency model likely beats out all your other options. For one thing, there’s an ease of installation.

More importantly, you may be shocked by the energy savings that comes with your new high-efficiency boiler. The components are designed to pump water more smoothly with little heat loss throughout the system.

#4: Your Boiler Needs Regular Service

Boilers are, in fact, more durable than furnaces and heat pumps, which have more moving components leaving them vulnerable to breakdowns. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect servicing a boiler.

Boilers need regular maintenance service too—in order to prevent breakdowns, check for problems, and keep an eye on any potential safety issues. Boilers that receive regular tune-ups may last for longer than systems that do not. Work with a professional for boiler repair service needs to ensure that changes don’t impact your system’s warranty or manufacturer guarantees.

We recommend scheduling routine maintenance with a qualified heating technician once a year so that you can find out whether your boiler needs repair (before it suddenly breaks down on you). And if the boiler may need replacement soon, a technician will discuss your options with you, so that you feel prepared to make a final decision.

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