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6 Ways to Improve Heating Efficiency

lose-money-heatSaving money isn’t always easy when temperatures drop and you need your heating system to run almost all the time. Heating systems take up a large portion of our energy and fuel expenses, sometimes accounting for the highest amount of energy use when the weather is chilly. And you know that it’s not practical to simply shut your system off.

Improve heating efficiency with these 6 tips from our expert technicians. Call a professional technician to schedule service for your furnace in Plainfield, IL.

#1: Set a Schedule for Your Heating

Using the programmable thermostat properly is perhaps the easiest way to cut back on your energy bills. Modern programmable thermostats may allow you to make different schedules for nighttime and day time, for weekends and weekdays, or for slight variations throughout the day.

You can even invest in a smart thermostat that allows you to change the temperature from no matter where you are. You can check in on the temperature while you’re at work, making adjustments as needed. Just make sure you have a heating technician install your new thermostat for you.

#2: Lower the Temperature

If you are really trying to cut back on energy costs, you might need to make a major shift in how you set the thermostat. The Department of Energy recommends setting the thermostat to about 68°F if you really want to save (as long as it’s bearable for the whole family). Lower this temperature by about 10°F when you are away or asleep to save 5-10% on your bills.

The trick is not to shut the heating system off completely if you are only away for a short while. That allows the ducts and the home to cool down significantly, which means the heater may have to run nonstop for hours to get the home back up to the right temperature, using more energy.

#3: Take Advantage of Other Heat Sources

The furnace is not the only way to keep warm indoors.

  • For a little natural heat, you can always let in some sunlight. Open up the blinds in the day time and shut them at night.
  • Hang out near the kitchen while someone is cooking.
  • Wear lots of layers and bundle up!

#4: Insulate

Insulating your home properly and sealing up air leaks helps to keep heat in. Add insulation to your attic and crawlspaces. The more insulation, the better. Seal air leaks around windows and doors with caulk and weather stripping.

#5: Change the Filter

We know many people assume the air filter is only there to improve indoor air quality, but it actually helps to protect the heater (and the AC system) from damages. When the filter is clogged, however, it does as much harm as good, blocking airflow from moving through the system at all. Change your furnace filter once a month or so for optimum heating efficiency and performance.

#6: Shut Your Chimney Damper

Many people forget that the chimney damper has to be open before the fireplace is used—which means it must be closed afterwards. An open damper can allow heat and air to escape through the chimney. Make sure the damper is shut securely.

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