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4 Strange Boiler Sounds & What They Mean


Boilers are fantastic heating systems. The heat they provide is very even, keeping your whole home perfectly comfortable. They’re longer-lasting than pretty much any other option, sometimes running for three decades before they need to be replaced. And they also require fewer repairs than other types of heating systems, largely because they have fewer moving parts which can break down.

However, no system is perfect. Nothing works forever without encountering a single problem. So on rare occasions, your boiler will have trouble and need repairs. It’s always best to have boiler repairs done promptly so the problems won’t get worse. How can you tell it’s time for repair? Listen for these sounds.

1: Rumbling

Part of your boiler system is a tank of water, rather like a tank water heater. You may hear a strange sound coming from that tank that reminds you of an enormous kettle of rapidly boiling water. In fact, the sound is often described as kettling.

Is your boiler overheating? Probably not. Chances are, this is caused by sediment which has settled out of the water over time and developed a layer at the bottom of the tank. When heated water is pushed through that sediment, it makes a rumbling or boiling sound. All your boiler requires is to have that sediment flushed out, which is a very straightforward repair.

2: Gurgling

If you hear a bubbly, gurgling sound coming from your heating system’s pipes, such as in your baseboard radiators, it is probably caused by actual bubbles. This means that your pipes are not entirely full of water and have some amount of air bubbling through them as well. This reduces the effectiveness of the heating system. A technician experienced in boiler repair in Joliet, IL can “bleed out” the air bubbles so your system will work properly—and quietly.

3: Clicking

Any type of heating system, whether it is gas or electric, a furnace or a boiler, does contain some electrical components. And problems with electrical components can make clicking noises. While a quiet, brief clicking when the system starts up is normal, any loud or continued clicking, or clicking after shutdown while the system cools, is cause for concern. Electrical problems can be dangerous, so get repairs right away.

4: Whooshing or Booming

Your gas boiler should start up with a gentle hum. If you hear anything that reminds you of starting up a propane grill—whoosh BOOM—it’s time to have a professional take a look. When a gas-burning system starts up, it allows a little bit of gas out and then ignites it. A loud sound like this indicates that too much gas is being allowed out, creating an excessive ignition. This is wasteful, and strains the system.

Use Your Intuition

If you hear a noise we didn’t include on this list, or you suspect something is wrong with your boiler for other reasons, take your concerns seriously. Prompt repairs can be the difference between a quick fix and having major work done, or even needing to replace a heating system. 

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