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Heating Maintenance Is Worth Every Penny, and Might Be Cheaper Than You Think


We talk a lot on this blog about heating maintenance. We really want everyone to know just how important it is. Yet the fact remains, not everyone has their heating system maintained every year. There are even folks who never have heating maintenance done! We’re concerned that they might be trying to cut expenses by not scheduling maintenance, when the truth is, they’re actually increasing their expenses.

If you’ve thought that paying to have a technician maintain your heating system sounds like a bill you don’t want to have to pay, please consider what we’re about to tell you. Heating maintenance will definitely save you money, and we believe in it so strongly that we’ve got a great offer that will save you even more.

What Happens During Heating Maintenance

There are many specific steps on a technician’s maintenance to-do checklist, but they all fall under three basic categories. 

  • Cleaning: Grit and grime, layers of dust, carbon buildup, all these things are meticulously cleaned away from every component, many of which need to be disassembled in order to be cleaned.
  • Lubrication: Moving parts are lubricated so they can slide smoothly without friction.
  • Inspection: This includes making sure that all components are working the way they should, running tests for things like the amp draw for the blower motor and the calibration of the thermostat, and catching small problems now so they don’t get any bigger. It also includes inspecting the safety mechanisms and checking for gas or carbon monoxide leaks.

How Maintenance Saves You Money

Adequately maintaining your heating system will save you money at three different times.

  • Every Month: Maintenance improves heating efficiency, cutting your utility bills because your heating system is using less energy to run. Remember the dust that was removed and the lubrication that was added? Now your system is running easily and friction-free, not straining excessively just to get the same job done.
  • Unexpectedly: How can you save money unexpectedly? Well, repair needs come up unexpectedly, don’t they? Having heating maintenance done every year will cut the likelihood of a repair that year by 85%. Imagine erasing 85% of your heating repair bills throughout the lifetime of your heating system! That’s an incredible savings.
  • Eventually: This is the longest-term savings you’ll experience from having heating maintenance done. You can put off replacing your heating system for many more years! In fact, with no maintenance, your heating system will only last half as long, meaning you’ll have to buy a new one twice as often. That’s a ton of money! Do you want to pay thousands for a new system in 7-10 years, or in 15-20?

Save Even More with Our Maintenance Program

When you sign up for our Comfort Club residential HVAC maintenance program, you’ll reap many rewards of both cost savings and convenience. You’ll get a reminder when it’s time for maintenance, a discount on future repair needs of your well-maintained system, an equipment credit each year that you can put toward your eventual replacement, priority emergency response, and more!

When you’re ready to save money by committing to heating system maintenance in Lockport, IL, we’re ready to help.

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