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5 Signs You Need Boiler Repair


Boilers are extremely effective and reliable heating systems. In fact, they’re based on technology that dates back to the 1600s! Today’s modern boilers are a bit more complex, but they apply the same principle.

Despite their reliability, there are times when something goes wrong. If you’re able to spot the signs that your boiler needs repair, you can catch issues early and keep problems from getting bigger. Here are five things to keep an eye out for, so you can get repairs when they are needed.

1: Leaks

If you spot any water pooling below your boiler, it needs attention right away. There are two reasons for this. The first is that water in your home can cause a lot of damage that is hard to fix. The second is that boilers need to be airtight.

This prevents oxygen from getting inside the boiler, where it can cause oxidation, also known as rust. When the inside of a boiler is rusted, there’s no saving it. It will have to be replaced. Catch any leaks promptly so they can be sealed and the lost water can be replaced.

2: Rumbling

Sometimes this is caused by a buildup of sediment inside the boiler. But sometimes, especially if the boiler sounds like an enormous kettle full of roiling hot bubbles, the issue has to do with temperature and pressure. For safety, get boiler repair in Joliet, IL so the temperature and pressure can be adjusted.

3: Corrosion

As we mentioned, rust or corrosion inside the boiler tank is not fixable. But if you spot any rust on the boiler, it may be possible to replace the corroded parts before the interior of the tank is affected. Rust can spread quickly, so don’t delay.

4: Cold Registers

If the registers or radiators throughout your home go cold, but the boiler is still firing up, the problem lies with the circulator pump. This is the component that distributes the hot water to the registers. Your boiler is still working, which is a good sign. The pump can be repaired or even replaced without you having to replace the whole boiler.

5: Lukewarm Water

If the water temperature isn’t what it used to be, there are a couple of things that could be wrong. The sediment we mentioned earlier may be interfering with the heating of the water or even occupying so much of the tank that there simply isn’t enough space for all the hot water you should have.

Or, in the case of an electric boiler, you could have a burnt-out heating element. Because there are multiple heating elements in a boiler, the water won’t go entirely cold if one fails, but there will be a noticeable drop in temperature. Either of these issues can be repaired by flushing the system of sediment or replacing the broken element.

If you’re not happy with the performance of your boiler or you think it’s behaving oddly, trust your gut and get prompt repairs so your boiler can be fixed instead of replaced.

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