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The 5 Most Common Ductless Repairs You’ll Face


Ductless systems are highly effective and efficient. We strongly recommend them for many homes. However, like any complex system, there are things that can go wrong. None of these issues are disasters and all can be repaired, especially if you get those repairs done promptly before problems multiply. Here are the five things that are most likely to go wrong with a ductless system so you’ll be prepared to take prompt action.

1: Refrigerant Leaks

This can happen with any air conditioner. If damage occurs to the coils, for example from your outdoor unit being hit by a tree branch in a windstorm, a crack can allow refrigerant to begin to leak out of your system. This can also happen from simple wear and tear with an older system.

The refrigerant is what actually carries the heat away from your home (or carries it in when your mini split is set to heat rather than cool). A leak means you won’t have enough refrigerant in the system so it won’t work as effectively, and it will become less efficient. The coil can be patched and the refrigerant can be refilled by a qualified technician.

2: Blower Fan Issues

This is a common problem for all air conditioners. Either the motor that powers the fan burns out or has an electrical issue, or the fan itself has a mechanical problem such as coming loose or having a fan blade break off. These components can be repaired or replaced individually, with no need to replace the entire system.

3: Condensate Leaks

This one is more likely to happen with a ductless system than a traditional air conditioner because of the number of air handlers. More condensate lines mean more points of potential failure. It’s critical that these lines be aligned properly so that the water flows downward and away rather than backing up and causing water damage. If you have moisture in or around an air handler, get professional ductless HVAC repair in Joliet, IL right away to minimize the damage.

4: Drain Clogs

Again, more condensate lines mean more complex drainage systems. If something such as mildew clogs a drain, water will back up, and damage can occur. 

5: Improper Installation

While this is not a specific problem per se, it is a cause of many other problems. Inexperienced or amateur installers can make mistakes that lead to poor drainage, inefficiency, and less effective operation. It can even result in a shortened lifespan for the whole system. If you’re concerned about how your ductless system was installed, our team can assess the situation and help you to remedy it.

Avoiding Ductless Repair Needs

The best way to minimize the need for repairs to your ductless system is regular maintenance. Any air conditioner should be maintained once a year to ensure that it is clean and well-lubricated and that all components are secured in position and operating as they should. With ductless mini-splits, which are used all year long for both heating and cooling, maintenance should take place twice a year.

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