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As Temperatures Cool Down, Start Thinking About Your Furnace

winter-homeIt’s fall and temperatures are finally starting to cool down here in Joliet, now is the perfect time to start preparing your furnace. If you noticed that you had any heating inconsistencies throughout the past year, then now is the time to handle these problems before temperatures really plummet. If you need expert furnace services in Joliet, look no further than our team here at Johansen & Anderson.

How to Prepare for Cold Weather

You know chilly temperatures are just on the horizon and you’ll need your furnace up and running very soon, but do you know how to prepare?

Test Your Furnace

The first step is to take your furnace for a test drive yourself. It’s likely that you haven’t had to heavily rely on your furnace for months now. We know that temperatures aren’t too cold yet but turn on your furnace and take careful note of how it runs. Listen for any odd noises like banging, grating, or rattling and take a walk through your home to ensure that your heater is doing a good job of heating your entire home—not heating some spaces more than others.

Replace Your Furnace Filters

Each furnace manufacturer has specific regulations that determine how often you should replace your furnace filter. But if you’re unsure a good rule of thumb is that your furnace filter should be replaced every three to six months. A clean furnace filter does wonders for your system. Always ensuring that the filter is clean means that the HVAC system has one less obstacle to work against so it can run as efficiently as possible.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance

While there are some aspects of furnace preparation you can do yourself, it’s always best to have a trained technician service your system. We’re not doubting your capabilities, but having a professional service your system will always be more effective than a do-it-yourself project. Professional furnace maintenance includes:

  • Assessment: Your technician begins a furnace tune-up by checking your vent system for leaks or blockages, examining the heat exchanger, inspecting parts for wear and tear, checking the blower, testing the burner, checking all the electrical parts, and lubricating all the moving parts in the system.
  • On the Spot Repairs: The best part about a tune-up is the repairs a technician performs for you in the same appointment. If your technician realizes that there’s something preventing your system from running efficiently, they’ll fix the problem during this same appointment. The only way to ensure that your system is impeccably maintained and ready to run safely throughout our cold Illinois weather is through the assessment of a service professional.

Joining our maintenance plan is worthwhile. We’ll remind you to schedule your annual tune-up, offer a 15% discount on service repairs, and $25 of annual equipment credit.

Why Choose Johansen & Anderson Inc?

At Johansen & Anderson Inc, we’ve served Joliet and the surrounding area for the last 70 years. We understand the distinction between good service and great service and always strive to keep our customers satisfied.

If you need great furnace services in Illinois, contact our team to schedule an appointment today.

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