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Everything You Need to Know About Furnace Efficiency

If you’re trying to improve your heating in New Lenox, IL, then you know that the first place you need to start is with energy efficiency. Your furnace’s efficiency is so important because it determines your monthly heating bills, the comfort you receive, and even the potential lifespan of your home’s heater. It’s something that you should take into consideration when trying to get yourself a new heater. This factor is going to make your furnace upgrade worthwhile. 

We also understand that there are many things to consider when you’re learning about furnace efficiency. If you’re a homeowner, this can become overwhelming quickly. We’ll help you get all the information you need here today. 

AFUE Ratings

First things first, you need to know what an AFUE rating is. An AFUE rating is the Annual Fuel Utilization Rating. It’s a number that rates the percentage of heat produced for every dollar of fuel consumed. An AFUE rating is something that you should pay attention to when you’re shopping around. It’s a key metric to consider, a lot like the miles per gallon rating on a car. 

Most furnaces now have an AFUE rating of 80%. This is the minimum AFUE ratings for furnaces produced today and we wouldn’t recommend that you dip below this number. The most efficient furnaces available on the market go up to ratings of about 98%. The furnace you need depends on the individual needs of your home. Let’s talk about these factors below…

Other Factors That Affect Your Furnace Efficiency

Here are a few other factors that can affect your home’s furnace efficiency. 

The Layout of Your Home

The first thing that’s going to affect efficiency is the layout of your home. This is when you factor in things like your home being multiple stories, heavily shaded in some areas, and open to direct sunlight in others. The difference in exposure and the way heat travels throughout a home changes how you run your furnace. If you have extreme temperature disparities, it’s something you need to factor in before you get a quality unit. 

Your Insulation

What’s the insulation in your home like? If it isn’t up to standard, you’re going to notice your home feeling cooler in winter and warmer in summer. It’s important to improve your insulation to relieve the strain on your heater. Insulation is key to getting your home comfortable. 

The Frequency of Maintenance

Do you maintain your home’s heater every single fall season? If you aren’t, you should take this as your sign to make a change. Regular maintenance helps keep your home in pristine condition, lowers your heating bills, and improves your comfort. 

Your Thermostat

Your home’s thermostat should be able to provide you with effective service every single time. Older, outdated thermostats just can’t do you justice. This is why we recommend upgrading to Wi-Fi and smart thermostat models. 

Your Ductwork

How’s your ductwork? Does it whistle while it performs? Are you hearing odd banging sounds? Both of these things are bad news and should be addressed by a professional. Bad ductwork is the enemy of great furnace efficiency. 

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