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Why Replacing Your Heater’s Filter Is Vital

dont-forget-written-on-a-post-it-noteAs we start to come out of the cold winter months, it’s time to consider your home heating system that has been working hard to keep you and your family warm.

When it comes to heating repair in Shorewood, IL, we know what it takes to make sure that our clients get the most out of their heating systems. One important factor we often communicate is the importance of replacing your heater’s filter.

In this post, we talk about this topic and offer a quick guide on how to replace your filter.

Four reasons why you need to replace your heater’s filter

There are four main reasons why you need to have your home heating system’s filter replaced.

Clean systems last longer

A dirty filter will cause your system to work harder, leading to an increased chance of a breakdown. Not only will this cost you more money in the long run, but it can also be dangerous. Dirt builds up over time, especially in the colder winter months, so make sure you replace your filter to give your system the longest life possible.

You’ll reduce energy costs in your home

A dirty filter will also lead to increased energy costs in your home. This is because a dirty filter impedes airflow, making the system work harder to heat your home to the desired temperature. So, it’s important to replace your filter on a regular basis in order to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your heating system and minimizing your energy costs.

Protect your lungs from allergens and pollutants

Another reason why you should replace your furnace’s filter is to protect yourself and your family from allergens and pollutants. A dirty filter will trap these particles inside, which can cause respiratory problems over time if left unchecked. Replacing your filter on a regular basis will help keep the air in your home in the best condition possible.

Keep your HVAC system working as it should

Replacing your home heating system’s filter is one of the most basic and important things you can do to keep it running as it should. Not only will it help extend the life of the system, but it will also allow your heating system to function optimally. The last thing you want is for the system to stop working in the middle of a freezing cold night!

How to Replace a Furnace Filter

Replacing a furnace filter may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually a simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes. Here is how you do it.

  1. Make sure of the size

First, you need to find out what size your filter is. Turn off your furnace and then locate the filter (it will be inside the furnace or inside the air return vent). Take it out and measure it.

  1. Find a replacement

Now that you know the size, you’ll need to arrange the replacement. Most hardware stores and home improvement stores will carry a wide variety of furnace filters, so finding the right one should be easy.

  1. Install the new filter

Once you have the replacement, it’s time to install it. This is also a very simple process that usually just involves slipping it into place. Be sure to follow the instructions that come with the filter, but it really should be quite simple.

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