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Here’s Why Heating Maintenance Is Such an Important Service for Your Home

You might assume your heating system is working just fine right now, but the smallest of issues may not reveal themselves until the middle of winter—when your heating system could break down completely!

Don’t skip out on annual heating maintenance this year. This service, offered by most local heating and air conditioning contractors in your area, gets your heating system into shape, potentially making it safer, allowing for better performance, and improving efficiency. Call our team for heating maintenance in the Lockport, IL area.


It is possible for your heating system’s gas connection or ventilation system to malfunction, putting you at risk for a number of issues that compromise your family’s health and safety. An annual heating inspection can reveal problems that could allow for a carbon monoxide leak, and then you can get the repairs or replacement system you need to be safe once more.

Keeping Your Heater Running

Your heating system is most likely to break down in the winter, when it’s working its hardest and small problems can develop into something much worse. Maintaining your heating system in the fall helps to identify these small problems and can prevent system failure throughout the season.

After a heating inspection, your technician will give you an overview of any problems found, so that you can decide on the next steps together. In addition, a technician may make some small adjustments on the spot during a heating tune-up, which may improve the performance of your heater.

Energy and Fuel Efficiency

The adjustments made during a heating tune-up can help you to save on utility costs. Tightening electrical components and cleaning the blower wheel makes the whole system run more smoothly, and that means lower monthly bills for you.

For heating service in Lockport, IL, call Johansen & Anderson Inc, selected as The Herald-News 2016 Best of Will County Readers’ Choice Award for Heating & Air Conditioning.

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