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How a Residential Maintenance Program Helps You Save Money

Many of us have been in the frustrating position of having to call in a contractor at an inconvenient time. One such situation you want to avoid is having to call in a technician when your heating system breaks down in the middle of winter. But this is when it’s most likely to run into issues: when it’s working it’s hardest on a cold winter day or night.

There is something you can do to prevent this, however. Scheduling maintenance services in the fall can help to prevent heating problems in the winter. And scheduling this service year after year can help you to save a whole lot of money. That’s why we recommend joining a maintenance program for your heating and air conditioning equipment.

The Basics of a Residential Maintenance Program

Many companies offer a maintenance program available to local homeowners to maintain their heating and air conditioning equipment. But the terms and conditions for these programs vary from company to company.

Still, the basics of any maintenance program are fairly similar. You sign an agreement to receive annual or twice annual services for your heating and air conditioning equipment. You get reminders for service and, in some cases, additional benefits like discounts on parts and services.

How Our Comfort Club Membership Helps You Save

At Johansen & Anderson Inc, we’re proud to offer our Comfort Club Membership, one of the best deals around for scheduled annual tune-ups. Here are all the ways you can save money with our membership:

  • Annual tune-ups help to protect your heating and air conditioning equipment, allowing you to save money on repairs when temperatures reach extremes.
  • Regular tune-ups can also help your equipment to run more efficiently for longer, meaning lower monthly bills.
  • Our Gold and Platinum Memberships include a 15% discount on future repairs.
  • You can accrue credit toward future system replacements—$25 per year with our Gold Membership and $50 a year with our Platinum Membership.

Johansen & Anderson Inc’s Comfort Club Membership offers you savings and peace of mind. Call us for heating service in Channahon. We were recently selected for The Herald-News 2016 Best of Will County Readers’ Choice Award for Heating & Air Conditioning!

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