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How to Know When It’s Time to Repair Your Furnace

Inside a gas furnace. Focus = the top of the middle flange. 12MP camera.Temperatures are cooling off here in Orland Park. If you’ve had problems with your system this past winter or throughout fall then now is the time to repair your furnace system. Furnaces are put to good use here in Illinois so it’s best to schedule repairs sooner than later to maintain a healthy system. We understand this is a big investment, so we provide service at the best prices, quality financing, and the best services to care for your system. If you need furnace repair in Orland Park, IL, then our team is the right crew for the job.

Signs You Should Call for Repair Services

Unsure what types of problems constitute a need to call for repair services? We’ve compiled some of the most pressing reasons below.

High Heating Bills

Look at some of your recent heating bills. If you notice an unreasonable and unexplainable energy bill increase then it’s time to call for repairs. If you notice that you’re shelling out more and more money each month but running your heater the same way that you normally would, then it’s probably because the system is suffering from heating inefficiency. A simple repair service will actually save you money by boosting the heater’s efficiency.

Unusual Sounds

It’s not unusual for your furnace to make some extra noise when it turns on and off. If those noises start to get louder or more unusual as time goes on, then it’s time to take action. Some common problems are:

  • Rattling/Banging: caused by unsecured ductwork, moving parts, or loose screws. If you hear this sound, then it’s best to call a professional and have the problem solved quickly.
  • Humming: If you hear an odd humming sound then it’s probably due to a problem with your fan. If this is what you’re hearing, then you should have a professional look at your system as soon as possible because this could be the start of your motor failing.
  • Screeching: These noises are a sign there is an overall issue with your motor. Possible issues causing this might be a loose bearing, worn belt, or an issue with a pulley that holds the belt.
  • Popping: A popping sound often happens in response to temperature changes within the heating system that your furnace can’t account for.

Excess Dust

Your furnace directly effects your indoor air quality. Have you noticed that you seem to constantly dust your home’s furniture, but more dust always accumulates? Do you notice a large amount of dust coming from the registers as soon as you turn on your system? It’s your furnace showing you that it’s time to schedule repair services. A professional will get the heater back on track.

Lukewarm Air

Are you turning on your furnace hoping for warm air and only getting cool air? It’s probably a problem with the fan motor. If your blower is malfunctioning, the furnace doesn’t have enough power to blow air throughout the home. This causes cool air and uneven heating patterns. If you’re having this frustrating problem in your home this winter, you should call a professional today.

If you need heating repairs, then contact our team here at Johansen & Anderson Inc today.

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