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What That Weird Heating Sound Means

Woman-covering-her-ears-from-loud-noiseIt’s been a long winter and although the calendar reads as spring, it doesn’t mean that the weather reflects this. The temperatures outside are still chilly and you’re still using your heater. Although you might have made it through the winter season, it’s still beneficial to take a moment to reflect. If you struggled with your home’s heater, then it’s time to consider heating repair in Lockport, IL.

If the problem you noted this season is difficult with odd noises coming from your heater, then we suggest getting in touch with our professionals. Our blog is a great place to start. This will help you decode the meaning behind all the weird noises you’re hearing. It’s also important to finish strong with the help of our professionals. Our repair services will set things straight. 

Decoding That Sound

Here are some common sounds you might hear coming from your heater and what they likely mean.


If you hear a metal-on-metal scraping sound, it’s likely the sound of a misaligned part. We understand that this is something that’s easy to push aside if your system still works. We want to discourage you from doing this, though. It’s only going to increase the likelihood of the system experiencing a breakdown. 


Banging is a sound that should stop you in your tracks. If it’s a soft noise that happens regularly, it’s just the sound of your ducts expanding and contracting. If it’s loud and concerning, then it’s a sign you might have an air duct issue for a problem with your burners. This is something our professionals can help with. 


If your heater makes a loud screeching sound every time it runs, then it’s time to get professional repairs. What you’re likely hearing is the sound of your heater’s fan belt wearing down. It’s a sound you should address sooner than later to avoid severe heating repair issues. 


If your heater whistles while it works, then it’s definitely time for you to get professional help. We’d suggest starting by swapping our your heater’s filter. Sometimes the noise you’re hearing could come from your heater trying to work through a clogged filter. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then it’s time to reach out to a professional. We’ll solve the problem once and for all. 


Hissing is a sound that’s sure to stand out to you. When you notice a hissing sound, it’s something we want you to address as soon as possible. Hissing coming from your system can indicate a gas leak. This is something we encourage you to handle as soon as possible. 


Clicking is one of those sounds that you might hear and overlook. This is because clicking is a sound that’s common to hear even when you have a working heater. You can expect to hear clicking with your heater turns on and you might even notice it when your heater powers down. It becomes a problem when your heater clicks all the time. This can indicate an electrical issue. 

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