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How Your Old Heater Wastes Money

money-saving-piggy-bankIf you have an older heater and you talk to an HVAC professional, then we’re sure you’ve heard one of us encourage you to upgrade. We make an effort to speak to homeowners in the area, and we understand that many feel that this recommendation is a simple upsell. We also understand how easy it is to become jaded when you’ve received less than quality work in the past. Our professionals can change all that.

We understand that the right information is just as important as the right heating and cooling services. It’s why we make the effort to let you know all the factors that affect your heater. Today, we want to get into the negatives surrounding outdated heating in Lockport, IL

How an Old Heater Can Waste Money

Let’s get into the details of how an older heater can waste money.

Decreased Efficiency

The number one culprit behind a wasteful heater is decreased efficiency. This is more common in older systems simply because they’re outdated. You can have the best system for your home’s size and it can be perfectly fit to your needs, but time will eventually wear it down. Older heaters typically struggle with efficiency due to outdated or old parts.

Although you might not notice these efficiency troubles outright, you’ll probably notice more frustration when using your home’s heater. If you spend more time trying to get your heater to run properly or more money trying to get your system to perform, then we’d suggest considering a new heater. 

An Outdated Thermostat

Old heaters are often accompanied by old thermostats. An outdated thermostat can actually be the downfall of your home’s heating system. If your thermostat isn’t a smart or Wi-Fi model, we would recommend upgrading. Analog thermostats aren’t going to get you the efficiency one of these systems can promise. The same goes for digital thermostats. While they may have programmable features, they don’t have the universal access of a Wi-Fi thermostat or the learning ability that a smart thermostat offers. 

Frequent Repairs

Old heaters often have decreased efficiency, which can cause frequent repair needs. If you notice that you need to repair your heater more than once every few years, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with our professionals to talk about replacement. Frequent repairs are one of the biggest indicators of inefficiency. It’s almost guaranteed that you’re spending too much money on a system that isn’t serving you right. 

How We Can Help With the Upgrade

Our professionals can help you to upgrade with the information we provide, with our financing options, and with our installation services. If you have more questions concerning heater efficiency, then we’re here to answer your questions. We have great financing options available if you’re looking to fund your new heating system. We’re also known for our easy and impeccable installation services. We’ve worked in the area since 1946, and our experience is put to good use. 

Contact Johansen & Anderson Inc today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Call J&A today, sleep-tight tonight. 

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