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What’s Involved in a Typical Heating Check-Up?

Save money and gain peace of mind this year with a heating system tune-up from your local HVAC contractors! Heating systems that receive professional maintenance services every year tend to perform better overall than those that don’t get any attention throughout the year.

When technicians check your heating system this year during your maintenance visit, they’ll do what they can to see that it’s running safely and efficiently, and make some adjustments to restore some efficiency and performance capability to your unit.

Safety Inspection

A safety inspection includes a look at gas connections, electrical components, the heat exchanger, and your system’s ventilation system. Proper ventilation allows byproducts of combustion like carbon monoxide (CO) to move safely away from the living space, so technicians look for clogs. Cracks in the heat exchanger could also cause a CO leak.

Efficient Operation

Then, a technician should go over the entire system to see that it’s working efficiently. Sometimes, minor adjustments here and there are all you really need. Other times, a technician may recommend some major repairs or replacement parts that can prevent major system breakdowns in the future. And, having all of the parts up to date and tuned up helps your system to run with less electricity or fuel, which means that you have lower monthly bills.

In Illinois, older boiler systems require routine maintenance to ensure that they are running efficiently and effectively. Regular boiler maintenance is something to consider if you have an older boiler or are looking to install a new one in your Channahon home.

The Details

Many technicians will also check your furnace filter and your humidifier filter, and they may offer a replacement if necessary. When you sign up for a maintenance program, you get additional benefits that help you to save money!

For example, signing up for a maintenance plan with Johansen & Andersen Inc allows you to save 15% on future repairs. You also get priority emergency service and automatic tune-ups with convenient reminder calls.

Contact Johansen & Anderson Inc for more information about our our residential maintenance agreements and to schedule service in Channahon.

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