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How Safe Is Your Heating System? Take Action Today

For the most part, heating systems recently manufactured by the top brands in the industry operate quite safely. Multiple safety switches and improved ventilation standards have helped to ensure this.

Still, carbon monoxide poisoning is a real threat—something that kills hundreds of people per year in the US. Gas leaks and fire risks are also possibilities, and we strongly recommend that you do whatever it takes to make sure your heating system is not the source of one of these dangers.

Do you have smoke detectors and CO detectors installed?

Having the proper alarm systems in place can save your life in case any of your fuel-based appliances contribute to a carbon monoxide (CO) leak or a house fire. You should have smoke detectors installed in the bedrooms and main living areas of your home and at least one CO detector for each floor of a two-story home.

Have you had annual maintenance yet?

Annual maintenance visits help protect your heating system and your home. Technicians will check things like electrical connections, gas connections, and the ventilation system that is supposed to guide combustion byproducts away from your living space.

That way, you can learn about any potential risks and get them repaired as soon as possible. Or you may find out you need a new heater. Do this BEFORE the weather gets cold and you need your heater to work!

Do you know how to contact your local technicians?

Be sure to call in local technicians the moment you notice a problem with your heating system. Problems like short cycling could indicate a safety switch malfunction, which may mean your heater is unsafe.

When your heater is in trouble, you need to know that technicians are standing by to help. Do you know who to call? Have the number of local heating contractors on hand—especially one that offers 24-hour service and quick response times 265 days a year!

For heating service 24 hours a day in New Lenox, IL, call Johansen & Anderson Inc. Sleep tight tonight!

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