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3 Ways to Save on Comfort in the New Year

Looking for more ways to save money in the new year? We want to help with your New Year’s resolutions and help you become more financially stable. That may require an investment on your part, but it’s worth it in the long run!

Your heating and air conditioning systems can account for about half of your monthly bills. Yikes! Make them run more efficiently in 2o17. Consider these comfort upgrades!

#1: Signing Up for a Maintenance Program

This is our number one way to save, and a service that so many people neglect. Many local companies offer maintenance programs that help people to save money by getting their heating and cooling equipment into prime condition with a tune-up and inspection that helps the parts run smoothly.

In addition, your maintenance program may include incentives for signing up. Our Gold Membership, for example, includes a 15% discount on all future repairs made with our team.

#2: Planning for Efficient Thermostat Settings

First, we recommend homeowners sit down with their families to discuss an efficient temperature that everyone can agree on. This may be 68° or it may be 75°. The trick is to pick the lowest number everyone can be comfortable with in the winter and the highest number you’ll take in the summer.

Then, we recommend upgrading to a better thermostat. If you don’t already have a smart thermostat in the home, you may be amazed at what they can do. Smart thermostats allow you to make adjustments from wherever you are, like your desk at work or on vacation, so that you keep a better eye on home efficiency,

#3: Replacing Older Equipment

Unfortunately, no furnace, boiler, or air conditioner/heat pump can last forever. As your heating and AC equipment approaches about 10-15 years (or more, for many high-efficiency boilers that receive regular maintenance), it simply cannot run as smoothly. That means higher costs with each passing year.

New heating and AC equipment, however, is more efficient than ever before. Modern upgrades in heating and cooling technology mean that shortly after an installation, you might notice a significant decrease in your bills.

Talk to a technician today to find out if it’s time to replace your older equipment or upgrade some of the components. We can often provide customers with same-day equipment change-outs.

Call Johansen & Anderson Inc today for quality service in Lockport, IL for your heating and air conditioning equipment.

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