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Sign Up for a Maintenance Agreement in the New Year

Ready to start saving money in the new year? It’s time to make some major changes in your life, especially if you want to cut back on your energy bills and start saving big. Signing up for a maintenance program with a local HVAC (heating and air conditioning company) is a great place to start. The right HVAC company can enter you into a heating and AC maintenance agreement that helps you save on the systems that tend to use the most energy.

Why Join a Maintenance Agreement

When you sign a maintenance contract with a local HVAC company in the Plainfield area, it typically results in a fairly simple agreement. You make payments—per year, per month, or per some other arrangement. In exchange, you get one, two, or three tune-ups and inspections for your heating and AC equipment per year.

Heating and AC inspections help you to know if anything is in need of repair, so that you don’t have to worry about sudden system breakdowns later on. In addition, a tune-up and cleaning of some major parts helps them to run more smoothly. Signing up for a maintenance agreement, then, can offer you the following benefits.

  • Better energy and fuel efficiency.
  • Improvements in performance.
  • Potential for a longer system lifespan.
  • Regularly-scheduled maintenance appointments.
  • Additional money-saving benefits (with the right company).

What You Get with Johansen & Anderson Inc

When you sign up for one of our maintenance plans, you get our top-of-the-line service and products all year round for a discounted price, and you get annual tune-ups with reminder calls for service.

Our Gold Membership includes a 15% discount on future service repairs and a $25 equipment credit per year (up to $250 in all). You get priority emergency response and the agreement is transferable. With our Platinum Membership you get even more.

Join one of the best maintenance programs available in Plainfield, IL. Call Johansen & Anderson Inc today!

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