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How to Combat Wildfire Smoke in Illinois


Despite how far we are from the areas of Canada that have burned with wildfires this summer, we’ve been significantly impacted by it. The smoke has created such poor air quality at times that it’s been dangerous for people with sensitive respiratory systems or underlying health conditions, not to mention unpleasant for everyone. And according to experts, the conditions that led to this situation are only going to get worse. To avoid breathing the smoke, people were told to stay indoors. But is that any better? Can you really escape wildfire smoke by staying inside your home? How can you be sure your indoor air quality is healthy? Here’s our best recommendation. 

Increasing Risk of Wildfires

Chances are, you grew up thinking of wildfires as rare and shocking events. You may have noticed that, as shocked as we might still be from time to time, wildfires that rage for days or weeks don’t seem so rare anymore. Parts of Canada are still ablaze, while national attention has turned to the fire in Maui. But there are wildfires currently burning across the southern United States and even in the northwest. According to the United Nations, extreme fires are expected to increase by 14% by 2030, 30% by 2050, and 50% by 2100. This is no longer something homeowners can simply ignore, as they’re breathing the results of it. So what can be done? Should people just stay indoors when the air quality index is high? Well, that has its own risks.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Unfortunately, the air quality inside our homes is often less than ideal already, and the particles from wildfire smoke do indeed make their way inside. While a portable air purifier can be helpful in small, contained spaces such as a studio apartment, to make an impact on overall air quality in a larger space, it’s necessary to have a whole-house air purifier installed as part of your HVAC system.

Air purifiers contain filters, which trap some particles, but they also include a secondary system for addressing those contaminants that make it through the filters. UV air purifiers are ideal for organic threats like bacteria and mold spores. They use UV light at a specific frequency to scramble the proteins that hold those pathogens together.

Electronic air purifiers operate differently, targeting all particles, not just organic ones. The air passes through an electrical field that charges the particles the air contains. It then passes over a plate that has an opposite charge, causing the particles to be drawn toward it and trapped. As the smoke in the air is actually composed of fine particles, this system will eliminate the vast majority of them, decreasing both the smoke smell and the potential for respiratory problems.

Do you want to learn more about air purifier services in Plainfield, IL and what your options are for improving indoor air quality and promoting respiratory health? We’d love to hear from you.

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