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All About HVAC Maintenance Programs

customer-service-survey-form-penThink of the last time a technician visited your home to work on your heating and air conditioning equipment. If you’re like most people, you called a technician because something was wrong with your heating or cooling equipment, and you probably only do this every few years. Yet most technicians recommend servicing your equipment once or twice a year.

Regular HVAC maintenance helps to keep your equipment running smoothly and it can reduce the cost of operation. Your equipment may even last longer than expected, but you have to keep up with annual maintenance sessions. What’s the best way to do this? An HVAC maintenance program from a local technician.

What It Is

An HVAC maintenance program is an agreement you enter into with your contractor. You agree to receive annual service for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The agreement will specify whether you pay monthly, annually, or through some other plan.

Typically, a representative will call you to arrange service, so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting this important step! You’re guaranteed one or two visits per year (plus any additional specified benefits) as long as you keep making payments.

Why It’s Important

Most technicians recommend that you have maintenance performed on your HVAC systems once or twice per year (along with monthly filter changes). This is important for many reasons.

  • An inspection ensures equipment operates safely.
  • You can have repairs caught and completed sooner, so they don’t come up in the middle of summer or winter.
  • Maintenance includes a tune-up that may improve system performance.
  • Systems that receive regular maintenance tend to be highly efficient.
  • Systems that receive regular maintenance may last longer than those that do not.

Who Needs It

This service is not just for heating equipment that’s 10 years old or older. Even a one-year-old heating system can benefit from routine maintenance. In fact, some warranties are void if you do not schedule this service every 6 months.

Heating equipment that receives regular service tends to last years longer than those that do not, but that means you have to schedule this service every year! It also helps to keep your home safe. That’s why a maintenance program is important for any homeowner with central heating and air conditioning. It ensures you never skip a session.

How You Benefit

There are so many ways you benefit from joining a maintenance program. We’ve listed many of the benefits of each maintenance service above (better efficiency, system performance, safety, etc.). But the specific benefits of joining a maintenance program, rather than paying for each service individually, are more than this.

Most companies give you priority customer status as a thank you for joining their service. That means that you’re the first priority when the lines are busy on a cold day when everyone in town needs service—24 hours a day with our plan. You may also get additional benefits, as with our maintenance program that offers you 15% savings on repairs throughout the year.

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