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Are You Not Getting Enough Hot Water from Your Water Heater?

plumber-hot-water-heaterIf you are constantly taking lukewarm showers, it’s because you are not getting enough hot water from the water heater heater. Water heater issues are frustrating because they have a multitude of causes. It’s a huge inconvenience for everyone in your home. If you’re getting frustrated with a lack of hot water, call on our team at Johansen & Anderson Inc. for water heater repair in Joliet, IL.

What Is Causing the Issue?

A Long Distance

If you have a large home where your bathroom and your water heater are far apart, the distance might impede the flow of your hot water. This causes your appliances to take a longer time to heat because there is such a long distance of piping that your hot water has to travel through before it reaches the desired destination.

Sediment Buildup

You might read this heading and wonder how sediment could end up in your water tank. The water that enters your water heater carries dissolved minerals like sand and other debris along with it. While the water sits in your system heating, this debris settles at the bottom of the tank. Most water heater burners are at the bottom of the tank, so this sediment can obstruct the heating process and mean lukewarm water.

A Faulty Thermostat

Another issue that may cause lukewarm water is the setting of your thermostat. If the thermostat is set too low for the size of the water heater itself, then you won’t have enough hot water. Water heaters are most commonly set from anywhere from 120° to 140°F. If the temperature is any lower than this, it significantly lowers the volume of hot water. The thermostat of your water heater is not like the one that controls your heating and cooling; it’s not meant for the homeowner to alter it. A service technician can access the water heater thermostat, alter it, and test your system for any other signs of error.

A Bad Dip Tube

Your dip tube is the component where the incoming cold water enters the water heater tank. A normal dip tube directs cold water to the bottom of the tank where it’s heated. The cold water in the process of heating forces the hot water to the top of the tank and into the hot water supply pipes where it’s then distributed throughout your home by the pump. A broken or disconnected dip tube causes inefficiency in the tank and lukewarm water throughout the home.

Have Us Repair Your Water Heater

If you’re having problems with your water heater, it’s not too late to fix the problem. At Johansen & Anderson Inc. we understand all types of water heating systems. Our experienced technicians want to help you achieve the best results from your water heater and they have the tools to do it. Don’t settle for another tepid shower. Our team offers service throughout Will and Grundy Counties and are ready to serve you today.

If you’re not getting your desired amount of hot water, contact us today to schedule service.

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