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Get Ready for Your AC Installation


Whether you’re getting a new air conditioner because the old one failed completely, or just because it was getting inefficient and not doing a fantastic job anymore, you’ll surely be thrilled with your new system. Air conditioners today are more efficient and effective than they ever were before! But before you can kick back and enjoy that cold air, you’ve got to get the system installed.

How long has it been since you’ve had an air conditioner installation appointment? Have you ever done this before, or was your current system already in your home when you purchased it? Have you got some questions we could answer for you? We can tell you all about what to expect during your AC installation in Plainfield, IL, and how to get ready so it will go extra smoothly.

How Long Does AC Installation Take?

The short answer is four to eight hours. The longer answer: make sure your schedule is clear for the day. Multi-day installation processes are only necessary when major modifications must be made to your home, such as the installation ductwork. And the more you can prepare ahead of time, the more likely it is that your installation will come closer to the four-hour mark.

What Is the AC Installation Process Like?

Direct your installers to the best place to park. Greet them and show them around so they can see exactly what they’re working with. They’ll be clear with you about their exact plan, but it will involve removing the old units, indoors and out, and bringing in the new ones. Your new system will be connected and turned on. Is everything done? Not quite.

The installers will let the system run for a bit. This will help them to be sure that it’s working perfectly. During this time, they can answer any questions you have, show you how to use your new air conditioner, make recommendations about things like maintenance and maximizing efficiency, and provide you with your owner’s manual. Then they’ll tidy up any mess and be on their way.

How Can the AC Installation Be Streamlined?

You can make things go more quickly and easily by being a little bit prepared ahead of time. First, we mentioned where the installers should park. Consider how they’ll get from there to where they need to go, both outdoors and in. Which door should they use? Is anything in the way? Move things aside to make clear paths to both the indoor and outdoor units.

Second, they’ll need room to work. Around the indoor unit, move furniture if necessary or remove knickknacks. Around the outdoor unit, raking debris and trimming plants and bushes will really help. It’ll also make for better air circulation around your new unit, which will help it run more effectively and efficiently.

Finally, do you have any pets? While we love animals as much as anyone, they don’t make AC installation easier. Their curious noses can get in the way, and their prancing paws can get stepped on. We’ll also be opening your door repeatedly and we definitely don’t want anyone to escape! For their safety, and to simplify your installation, keep pets elsewhere that day.

If there’s anything else you’re wondering about, we’re happy to answer all your questions.

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