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How to Identify a Refrigerant Problem

two-techs-working-on-air-conditionerRefrigerant problems are a major issue for your air conditioning. This isn’t something that you want to ignore for any amount of time because refrigerant is such a vital part of the air conditioning system. If you need air conditioning repair in Plainfield, IL because of refrigerant troubles, then we’re the team you can rely on.

Today, we are going to run through some vital things that you should know about your home’s air conditioner and its refrigerant. Let’s get into potential refrigerant issues.

A Few Signs That You Have a Refrigerant Leak

Here are a few signs that you might be having a refrigerant leak in your air conditioner:

1. Hissing Sounds

Hissing sounds coming from your air conditioner are pretty much always bad news. The sound that you’re hearing is the literal sound of refrigerant leaking from your AC. If you hear any type of hissing, then this means that the AC’s refrigerant is probably leaving the air conditioner in gas form.

Bubbling is a variation of this as well. Hissing and bubbling are sounds that you should pay attention to and address as soon as possible.

2. Warm Air

If you’re running your air conditioner for longer amounts of time, choosing a temperature that’s a lot lower than what you might normally choose, or just becoming easily frustrated with your air conditioning system, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

Warm air issues are a big problem, and you’ll start overcompensating for these problems with the behaviors above. We’re going to help you with exactly what you need.

3. A Loss of Cooling Power

Are you having trouble even getting your air conditioner to perform? You might notice this when you’re sitting in your home and noticing that you’re uncomfortable. A loss of power might be something that you notice if you’re uncomfortable, sweaty, or struggling to maintain your cool at home. A loss of power is something you should talk to our professionals about.

4. Ice on Your System

Are you noticing that there’s ice building up anywhere on your air conditioning system? This is typically a sign that the air conditioning refrigerant levels are low due to a leak.

This causes the temperature of the refrigerant to drop below the intended levels. This actually causes your system to freeze up and produce ice on the evaporator coil. Ice on your AC system is a major issue and needs to be addressed ASAP.

5. High Energy Bills

Have you noticed that your energy bills have increased over the summer? Your energy bills shouldn’t increase drastically if you’re not doing anything too different in your house. If you notice that your energy bills are increasing in price and you’re not doing anything to warrant it, then you might have a refrigerant leak in your home. Refrigerant leaks can cause higher energy bills because your air conditioner is struggling to perform.

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